Increase Productivity on Mac with HazeOver

Increase Productivity on Mac with HazeOver
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Imagine the following situation. You enrolled for a Degree as an aspiring university student, and a lot of your work had turned to be continuously connected to the Mac computer.

There seemed to be always a bunch of stuff you needed to do while at home, but it was only impossible to focus on one thing at the time; all of the background windows just kept distracting you. As a result, you got a bad grade on your exam, which has had some negative consequences to follow.

Such disappointments could be contributed to a thing as simple as the reduction of the concentration and resulted in the rapid depreciation in the overall productivity. But wait; was there any chance to prevent such a situation from happening?

Of course, there was one, and it lies in using the HazeOver, a service that manually highlights the front window on Mac, while simultaneously making all of the background windows fade away.

Thus, it’s vital to realize the shaping nature of such a service and thoroughly discuss its advantages and means of using. In the end, it’s going to undoubtedly help any user to focus on the active app during the work on Mac.

What is HazeOver App

The HazeOver app in itself is a great tool that can be downloaded here and used for the various purposes. As can be seen by the example of the university student, the lack of focus is risky, which is why the functionality of the service could help to stop such a scenario from happening.

The service itself is unparalleled to others with its user-friendliness as the creators seem to consider the user experience to be as crucial as the intended use itself.

Besides, it’s fair to claim that provides the most accurate exposure and regularly offers updates so that the app keeps functioning even more flawless than it ultimately was before.

Perhaps, such a function of the service could be contributed to the team of developers, but, first, it’s important to realize about all of the practical applications of the service.

How to use HazeOver

The question becomes apparent, how to focus on the active app during the work on Mac? All is simple with the help of HazeOver. First of all, the app needs to be installed directly from the AppStore.

So, what happens is the top app that’s opened by the user stays in focus, while the background windows (ironically) get hazed over and have a darker shade to them. Basically, such a trick reduces the distraction that would take away from the app running on top, which is usually the essential window that’s opened by the user.

As can be suggested by the reader, the moment you click on the window that’s being faded away, it becomes the active one, while simultaneously darkening the previous window of the matter.

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Indeed, the task becomes incredibly easy with the help of the HazeOver as it doesn’t indeed take much time to figure out how to use the app, even for the most inexperienced users of the World Wide Web.

Why use HazeOver?

More should be said about the purpose of the service and why it has come to exist. In simple terms, HazeOver just makes it, so you can easily focus on the app that you’re looking at, or that you’re currently working with.

When you have a whole bunch of apps running on screen at the same time, those apps can take the majority of your concentration away from the task in hand, so that is what HazeOver tries to do ultimately.

The app itself interestingly enough has its preferences that can be configured by the user. Anyone, for example, can change the amount of dim pretty much all the way down or all the way up.

Furthermore, there is a way to open HazeOver while at login and show its status at Mac’s menu bar. In the advanced section, there is a way to toggle the shortcut for the fast opening of the application, as well as the customized highlight options; it allows for either highlighting the active window only or for the front windows of the active apps.

There is also an available animation option, which, basically, allows you to change the duration of the animation for the HazeOver effect. All of these options are certainly great for all those working during the night and of the need to spend less time managing all of the annoying windows that keep popping up all of the time.

Who is it designed for?

For anyone who uses Mac for a long amount of time, HazeOver seems to be a great option as it offers an unparalleled opportunity to focus on the active app instead of distracting yourself with a multitude of windows that steal all of your attention away. This has been the ideology that guided the project under the clear mentorship of the team of professionals of the IT area.

Every time a person complains about the lack of concentration during the continuous work with Mac, there is a need to realize that the solution is out there waiting for you to grab it with your bare hands.

After all, it’s exclusively up to you to decide whether you desire to continue the mess of distraction or stay fully focused for the duration of your studies or work with the Mac computer. One better makes a right decision in favor of HazeOver.

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