Steps to Choosing Best CMMS Solution

CMMS - Computerized Maintenance Managment System
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CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) is a computer software that maintains the database or records the information of the maintenance operations of an organization. The information in this database is crucial and helps the maintenance team to perform their duties efficiently. It also helps management to take more effective decisions.

CMMS software is an important implementation in an organization as it has lots of benefits which are-

  • With implementation of CMMS it’s become easy to do preventive maintenance.
  • It facilitates better accountability
  • Information in database helps to analyses various factors.
  • Inventory control
  • Cost effectiveness

Nowadays, market is flooded with a large number of companies offering CMMS solutions for your business but it is important to choose the best software as it will define the growth of your organization.

Steps to take when Choosing a CMMS Solution

Here are some points that will provide you a guide to select the best CMMS software out of various options available in the market.

  1. Form a cross-functional committee – The very first step is to create a team with the members from different departments of the organization. It will provide a broader prospective all the needs related to the maintenance and facility department within the organization.
  2. Analyze and Review current business system – Do a thorough functional analysis of your current business system so that you can identify needs, challenges, weaknesses, etc of the current system which you are intended to solve with the new maintenance management system. It is necessary to analysis each and every aspect of your current business.
  3. Do Survey-Conduct interviews – Gather information about the current maintenance management system of the company from the existing employees from the various departments (such Purchase Dept., Accounts, Inventory management, work and support etc) of your company. They will provide a clearer picture and understanding about the need for new CMMS software.
  4. Prepare requirement document – On the basis of the functional analysis and information gathered through survey develop a detailed list of all the requirements of the organization for the requirement of the new CMMS solution.
  5. Plan a Budget – Budget plays a vital role in every project. It is very important to decide the cost in advance. Cost is necessary to be considered along with the other factors.
  6. Research – An intense research about all the potential vendors available in the market is must. Compare, go through the reviews of different software available and then prepare the list of specifications and requirements you need in your new Computerized Maintenance Management System.
  7. Create a Shortlist – Depending on the research prepare a shortlist of at least top 10 vendors.
  8. Review and Finalize Short list – You can take the help of website that provides live demonstration and offer free trials for short listing the potential vendors. Now on the basis of the demo shortlist top 5 vendors. Short-listing can be done on the basis of parameter such as Functionality, Vendor track record, growth potential, ease of use, cost and technical support.
  9. Request for Proposal – Next step is to send Request for Proposal to the selected vendors. You must ensure that you include all the requirements and specifications you need for your business so that vendors can understand and meet the desired requirements.
  10. Validation of final selection of the CMMS – Taking all the specifications and all the aforementioned parameters into consideration validate the selection the CMMS system which fits yours requirements the best. After that purchase will be negotiated and completed.

Selecting an effective and productive CMMS system for your organization is not an easy job CMMS system has the caliber to decide the future (profitability) of the organization as maintenance department serves as the backbone for every organization.

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