A Complete Guideline for How to Create, Validate and Activate Soda PDF Account

Soda PDF
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Soda PDF is one of the most popular and reliable software that is used and trusted by millions of people. Due to its ease of use and a wide range of features, its use is increasing every day.

There are some basic steps, such as the creation of SodaPDF account and its validation and activation, that the users want to know in detail.

Given below is a complete guideline for such users who face difficulty in creating Soda PDF account and further in its validation and activation.

Creation of Soda PDF Account

A Soda PDF account can be easily created from inside the application. You just must click the option at the right upper corner of the application that says, ‘Create an account/sign in.’

After choosing the sign in option, further, choose the ‘sign up’ option on the window that appears on your system screen.

What are the two options for creating the Soda PDF account?

There are two ways of doing it. One option is to use a third-party account or your email. The easiest way is to use the third-party account option.

So, click on the one and enter your credentials. Your account is simply created. Soda PDF will take some time to check if everything is fine and instantly register your account.

The other option to use is your email address to create your Soda PDF account. Enter your email, fill in all the information being asked and click on ‘Sign up.’

Validation of Soda PDF Account

As your account will be created, and you will see a pop up that will ask you to validate your account. They will send you an email, and as you head to this email, click on the option of ’Verify the account.’ It will validate your account.

After validation, as you open your Soda PDF and click on your name in the right upper corner to refresh your account, the Soda PDF is activated and now ready for use.

Activation of Soda PDF

As you log in to your Soda PDF account, it can be activated from inside of the application. The protocol for activating the account of Soda PDF is almost the same as followed by the creation of the account. The difference is only in your purpose of doing it.

What are the two options for activating the Soda PDF account?

Click the ‘create an account/sign in’ option at the right upper corner of the application and select the sign in option.  After this, the user will have two ways of logging in to the account.

First, you can enter your email credentials and click on the sign in option. The Soda PDF will be activated in your system. Click the ’OK’ option to start using your Soda PDF.

The second option is that you can log in to your Soda PDF by using some third-party log in option just by clicking on that option and entering your credential on it.

In this option, as you enter your password, they will ask you to grant permission to Soda PDF to access your account. Once it is done, the Soda PDF is activated and ready to go.

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