6 Tips for Choosing the Best Online Video Converter

Choosing the Best Online Video Converter

When you want to post fresh and quality content for your website visitors, you might want to use videos. This is where you will require an online video converter.

There are numerous other reasons that could make users find it necessary to convert video files to another file format. Maybe you would want to move files you recorded from your Canon or Sony camcorders. In this case, you will want an MXF Converter.

This is just an example but most importantly, you need to know what tool is suitable for your needs. When you search online, you will find thousands of options which could make it difficult for you to choose the best out of the available options.

If this is where you are experiencing difficulties, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, we will help you with some tips to help you select the best online video converter for your needs. Keep reading!

1. Your File Types

First things first: What type of files do you want to convert? This is the first question to ask yourself. This will help you to know what tool can handle your file types.

If you want to convert file types of MOV, WMV or AVI, your choice making process will be simple; however, if you want to convert file types that are more complex and unique you need to ensure the tool you are choosing can handle such files.

2. File type Varieties

This is in fact, the most important factor to consider when choosing an online video converter. Note that you will not be handling the same file types so, ensure to choose a tool that can handle a variety of file types.

You will not be doing yourself any favor by choosing a tool that converts a limited number of file types as this will limit you whenever you come across a different file type that needs to be converted.

There are hundreds of online video converters that can process different file types out there so ensure to do enough research so that you avoid future headaches.

3. Output File Format

File Encryption

This is similar to number one but this one requires you to think about the file type that you need to get after the conversion process. It is crucial to ensure that you choose a tool that will give you the file type you want to solve your issues.

4. Speed

This is also another important factor that needs not to be overlooked during the online video converter selection process. Note that you want to have a tool that will not leave you waiting for ages to convert a single file.

Therefore, ensure the video converter you choose will give you a high conversion speed. You will find hundreds of online video converters out there, but you need to focus on those rated to have the best conversion speeds.

You can check customer reviews so that you know what others are saying about the tool. Chances are that there are many other users who have worked with that tool and more likely, they must have left a review of the experience they encountered as they work with the tool.

5. Ease of use

There are countless online video converter options out there, but you need to consider how easy is the tool when you want to use it. This is what makes the online video converters different from the downloadable options.

A simple to use tool is one that has no other ways as you need to go to the site, browse your file that you want to convert, choose the output format and click the last button to get your video converted. If you find that the tool you want to choose has many steps, it could be making the conversion process a difficult one.

6. The interface

Using an Apple Macbook

Regardless of whether you are a techie or not, but you will need a tool that is easy to navigate around. An online video converter that you can easily understand the steps to get your file converted will make your conversion experience an enjoyable and smooth one. In fact, it will also save you time that you could have used to learn how to use the tool.


An online video converter is helpful if you can be able to use it to convert the file types you are working with and get the file type you want to solve your problems with.  The speed of the tools is also crucial and simplicity should also not be overlooked so that you don’t spend time figuring out how to use it.

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