5 Psychology-based Websites Design Tips to Improve Engagement

5 Psychology Websites Design Tips To Improve Engagement
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You won’t see many web designers using psychological research; yet, it is one of the essential web design tools that must be used. Websites are not limited to the words written on them.

The framework on which you are going to present your data is even more critical. Many small aspects of line, shape, colors and SEO-based designing mistakes can ruin your website traffic.

However, if you think that designing website is something that comes from within, you are wrong. Psychology-based website design is easy; you need to ditch few things including the idea of elegance. If the website is not functioning well, then no one is going to visit it nor will it convert leads.

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Developing a functional website that takes microseconds to load and easy to use must be your fundamental goal. All you need to do is learning a few principles that can improve your user-usability and can keep your audience engaging.

Here are few tips that can help you to improve your website traffic and engagement. So, put your tech-mask on and get ready to understand the importance of psychology website.

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Induce Emotions Using Font Type And Color

2- Font Type And Color

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Colors are the way to your emotions. When users visit your website, the first thing they will notice is color combination and font style. If that can hold the attention of a user then only he will stay and research your services.

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And, if it can’t grab hold of your audience, then you can say bye to a potential customer.

The psychologist websites use the color and font in such a manner that increase their brand recognition and can convert the leads.

The preference of color can be concluded according to your product or services and your target audience. The most important thing is the logo of your brand. Make sure that your brand logo color represents your brand value.

Apart from color, the readability of your content must be clear as it can evoke moods that will be associated with your website forever. You can use popular theme templates or build a website from scratch. You can research thoroughly before opting for any color or font.

Heading Is Your Best Friend

3- Heading Is Your Best Friend

It is essential to make a website that can draw an audience and start increasing your website traffic. The website heading can do that work for you.

According to psychology, you can use big heading as it grabs attention instantly compared to small words that can strain eyes. Even the images can’t hold the attention as compared to words written.

Even when a user visits your website, the first thing he will search is for heading instead of reading small words. Those headings will decide whether they will stay or leave your site.

The bolder typography is used due to this reason as it can quickly highlight your services to customers. Headlines can describe the website focus easily and are the main attraction for the website.

Less Is More

4- increase your web traffic

The old saying, “less is more” is true when it comes to building a website. It can be a great way to attract traffic to your website.

Go minimalist when presenting your services, products, phone number, and other options that are written on your website. According to psychology, the more choice given to the user, the less are the possibility for them to use it.

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However, if there are fewer options available, the chances that the user will stay, recommend, make use of your services and contact you is very high.

The more the number of options, the more demotivating it will be to choose from it. Hence, the user will end up buying nothing out of confusion.

In terms of the human psychology, it is called ‘safe choice.’ Therefore, while designing your web-page, you must focus on minimal design, less call of action, less place to click and limited service choice to improve your traffic, engagement, and conversion your website.

Invoking Primitive Reaction

The best approach to increase the rate of conversion is to focus on triggering the central nerve of the human brain.

The human mind is full of curiosity as we will react to definite things, subconsciously. You can affect it by consistent demographics and gender reactions that are deeply rooted in the human brain.

To do so, you can use certain images representing many colors to engage customers.

As discussed above, we all know the importance of color to hook the attention of an audience. You need to be very careful while choosing to gain the trust of the audience instantly.

It can also be a great way to inspire social media engagement. You can add certain elements to create a fun experience. It can keep the user interaction at the top and even increase the website visit.

Human Face Stimuli

Consciously or subconsciously, visitors use a fixed line of sight while visiting a website. By using their direction and implementing it in the web designing process, you can easily increase engagement.

You can use human faces to stimulate certain actions like a call to action or promoting a service that will drive the traffic just because of the latest techniques.

It can keep the audience engaging by several of elements that they can use and learn more about your services which will highly increase the chance of conversion.

The audience is more comfortable while following the line of direction on your site rather than following your vision.

Make sure that your website reinforces your brand character and convey the message of your product and services.

By following the five steps as mentioned above, you can easily craft a website design to hook the audience. All you need to do is be careful about the rooted psychology effect of the visitors and increase the engagement of your website.

You can even check other top-visited websites and get an idea about their factors and elements that make them the best.

All these things can give a positive result to your website and influence your traffic rate. So, don’t forget to implement it.

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