Why should SMBs deploy Software Defined Backup Solutions

Why should SMBs deploy Software Defined Backup Solutions
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You might be thinking, shouldn’t the question be: Why should SMBs (Small to Medium-sized Businesses) deploy backup solutions at all? Well, we’re going with the assumption that you’ve already accepted that backup solutions; whether cloud based backups or on-premises backup appliances, are very important for SMBs.

If you’re still dubious about the significance of data backup solutions for SMBs, then allow me to shed some brief light on the subject before venturing onto the main topic.

Why should SMBs deploy backup solutions

If you Google “data loss cost implications for SMBs”, you’ll find a ton of statistics how costly they can be. One such statistic, for your reference, is a report by National Archives and Records Administration in Washington.

This report states that 93% of businesses that lost their data for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy within 1 year and 50% filed for bankruptcy immediately. That’s how devastating data loss can be and that’s exactly the reason why SMBs need to deploy backup solutions.

With that established, let’s move to the main point of interest here: Why should SMBs focus on Software Defined Backup Solutions and not physical infrastructures or backup appliances.

Software Defined Backup Solutions – Simpler, Easier, Less Costly and Reliable

I think software defined backup solutions are the best choice for SMBs. Backup appliances, verily, have their own perks. However, from an SMBs perspective, it’s better to look away from them.

Why do I say that software based backup is the best option for SMBs? Here are some of my reasons:

Software based Backups are Simpler and deliver faster deployment

Consider the process of acquisition for a backup appliance. You have to order it, wait for it to be delivered. Once it gets to you, you have to follow a detailed manual that describes how it will be setup.

After you make your way through all of that, the appliance is setup. As it starts working, it begins to consume resources like cooling, power, maintenance etc. You have to make sure there’s a professional keeping an eye on it and that it’s safe from physical harm as well.

A backup appliance can be quite delicate as well. If someone accidentally ends up touching it the wrong way and it suddenly ends up on the ground, the impact will be on your pocket.

Suffice to say, backup appliances take quite a bit of time to acquire and deploy. Backup appliances maybe essential for large enterprises but SMBs can work it out with software defined backup solutions instead.

To setup a software defined backup solution, you just have to go through a series of purchase procedures; that are far simpler and less time consuming compared to the acquisition of physical backup appliances.

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Once you’re done with those and you conclude the payment procedure, you can be up and running within a matter of an hour or two. It’s easier, it’s simpler and it’s a lot faster. Milestones are easily achieved with each click.

Software based Backup solutions are Cost Effectiveness

As an SMB, cost is a major thing to consider in all matters. Software Defined Backup solutions are very economical. Compared to the initial cost of backup appliances, software defined backup solutions cost a lot less.

As mentioned earlier, backup appliances incur quite a few dynamic costs. Software defined backup solutions do not incur such costs. You can begin from the storage capacity that you immediately need and then you can increase as you go. Payment models like pay-as-you-go make the cost attribute of software defined backup solutions a lot more appealing.

Unlike backup appliances that incur dynamic costs like maintenance or power or cooling; software backup solutions do not incur such costs.

Software Based Backup Solutions offer Enhanced Data Security

Let’s say the backup appliance is accidentally damaged or it experiences hardware failure, all of the data within the appliance may never recover. If the appliance goes down, all the backed up data goes down with it. How difficult are accidents at a workplace? Something as simple as spilling your coffee is sometimes what it takes to initiate a disaster.

However, you don’t have to worry about such things with a software defined backup solution that keeps all your backed up data in the cloud. With cloud backups, the data security of your backed up data is in the hands of the cloud service provider.

These three are only the gist of my reasons why businesses should setup software defined backup solutions that facilitate simplified backup to the cloud. By effectively leveraging cloud technology, SMBs can ensure that their data is well protected and recoverable.

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