Why Ignoring Employee Attendance Management System will cost you Time and Sales

Employee Attendance Management System
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I am sure you don’t want to be that tyrant boss who wants to keep an eagle’s eye on his employee punch in and punch out timings. You better understand that getting work done is the highest priority and to give your employees the space they need is the key in today’s business world.

I am sure you must have also come across a lot of employees who misuse this flexibility and take it for granted. There are employees who constantly come late or take frequent leaves without any valid reason. Such behavior shouldn’t be ignored because if a person is irregular it is reflected in the performance of the entire team. Someone has rightly said,” One bad fish can make the entire pond dirty”.

But today with the continuous advancement of technology this problem can be overcome. The cost of not accurately tracking employee working hours and schedules all can be now managed using an employee attendance management system or an advanced scheduling software.

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Some Facts you didn’t know about attendance Management software

1) You can actually calculate the amount of time saved while switching from a manual to an automated time and attendance Management System.

It is estimated that an average of seven minutes is consumed by the supervisors to calculate the time card data for each of its employees every pay period. This time can be eliminated all thanks to the attendance Management system because payroll calculation will now take only quarter amount of the time it used to consume earlier.

2)  Time fraud is found in most of the workplaces

A Kessler International survey found that it’s not the customers but employers who are more likely to be stolen by their own employees by undergoing fraudulent punches and not clocking for unpaid breaks. It is found that almost 69% of the employees either punch out or in earlier or later than they are supposed to.

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3) Inaccurate filling of timesheets

If employers adopt a daily system for timesheet filling instead of weekly, they would recover $50,000 per professional, per year. This is indeed something really huge.

4) Stress-related illness

Employees working under a high level of stress can cost 40% more than the average worker. But with attendance management software, you can have a stress-free payroll. A process that once used to consume four days a month and additional workload on weekends were reduced by more than 75%.

How you can save expenses with an employee attendance Management system

Control, reduce and optimize the cost of labor

Today’s innovative solutions for attendance management will eliminate all unethical activities such as employee buddy punching, extended lunch breaks, paid late arrivals, early departures etc.

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Reduces the time spent by HR on tedious administrative tasks.

Paying employee on time is the most tedious, time-consuming and highly administrative process. But today’s attendance management systems are equipped with recruiting, payroll, time and attendance tracking, HR benefits and many other similar tools which makes the payroll process much easier, faster and without any errors.

Increases employee productivity

When employees and employers get the convenience to measure and manage their time than they get a great visibility on their schedules. They can know what they are working on what is pending and which work needs to be done first.

Also, there should be a clear set of rules which will inform the employees how they are paid, when the deductions will be made and what are mandatory working hours.

Less time spend by the supervisors on administrative tasks.

There are a lot of supervisors who either ignore or spend too much time on some of the most important tasks such as adjusting employees schedule, approving time-off requests, managing the tasks on employees absenteeism,  fixing time -card exceptions etc. But with the advent of attendance Management, all these tasks can be completed within minutes instead of hours.

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Bottom line

“Time is money” this quote perfectly fit when it comes to time and attendance management software. If you are one of them who are still dependent on the manual system for calculating payroll hours, the day is not far when factors such as human error, fraud, and stress take the toll of your growing business.

So better be late than never and put a cross mark on all the extraneous variables that are inefficient for your organization and upgrade your attendance management system before it’s too late.

Author Bio: Aniruddh is Blogger and Digital Marketing Specialist at SoftwareSuggest. Loves to dig deep into Recruitment strategies, Human Resources, Applicant tracking etc. Ready to grab a cup of coffee anytime, if you want to talk about tech, cars, businesses or cricket.

Aniruddh Parmar

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