How to Keep your Data Safe and Protected

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When technology came in, nobody thought it would turn our lives upside down. At the beginning, it was all win-win situation as we were only focused on the convenience we were offered and neglected the negatives of it.

Data security has now become the biggest threat of this century. People have made millions just by stealing someone else’s data and using it for what not purposes.

Therefore, this obviously leads you to take some remedy steps before you face some unwanted consequences.

Lock your Computer:

Although the basic password locking option isn’t totally reliable, it still works as a barrier and prevents anyone from accessing your stuff while you are away.

In case if you lose your device or someone steals your laptop, there would be no obstacles between them and your personal data.

There are some gadgets in the making that uses Bluetooth to identify how far you’ve stepped from your system. If you go too far, your device gets locked automatically.

Use Cloud but not too much:

As they say ‘too much of anything is poison’ seems to fit in this situation. Cloud storage offers convenience but they are also in the reach of third parties as well.

The best you could do is store that kind of data that is not much confidential. In case you have no other option but to store all your data in the cloud, than make sure you use an encrypted USB drive/stick leaving no loose ends.

Arm your system:

Your computer works with an operating system that tries its level best to keep your data safe. But in the end, the basic protection isn’t enough and soon, malwares, viruses, etc. enter your system while you surf the web.

Even the firewall protection option isn’t viable enough to prevent them. What can be done here is you store all your files and folders in a folder and hide it with an encryption software.

Encryption is a blindfolded method of keeping your data safe even when you are not around. Make sure you are using the AES-256 bit encryption and not anything lesser than that.

Disable file sharing if you do not need it:

If you have a wireless network having multiple devices connected to it, you might find it easier to share files between machines. But it doesn’t mean you need to make your files publicly available if it isn’t necessary. Remember, you can always work by sharing some of your folders on the home network.

Updating your operating system:

The regular efforts you make to keep your system safe is truly worth it. OS and other software programs need to update periodically as the developing side releases different features and bug fix reports which can only be used when you update them. It’s a smart idea to simply turn the option of automatic search on for all the necessary updates.

Say no to Public-Wi-Fi:

When in public we run out of mobile data, we seem to have lost a part of our soul. Since we are truly dependent on our gadgets so much, we spend it hard to look up and face the real world. Hence, we go seeking public Wifi as mobile phones are an escape from the real world.

But in doing so, we sometimes forget how dangerous these public Wifis are. Since anyone can use them, anyone can hack and get away with whatever they desire.

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In a nutshell:

The point of this research is not make you think how dangerous this era is and how helps you are, but the objective is to help you in helping yourself from all those people that you do not trust. Take action while you still can and avoid regret.

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