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How to Prevent Random Shutdowns on your iPhone or iPad?

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If you are in a trouble with your iPhone or iPad shutting down for no reason with 20%, 30%, or even 50% of the battery remaining, an ultimate fix is probably an upgrade!

Sell Your Old iPhone- The Ultimate Solution to Get Rid Off an Old Phone  

As an iPhone owner, you will agree that your beloved handset starts feeling down at some point in its life and you wants to get it rid off to get a new one. At that moment, selling your iPhone is a great thing to do as it offers you a chance to cut off the price of the next handset.

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So, whether you have bored with your old iPhone and now thinking of upgrading it, or simply your phone is getting old and having some problems, you should consider selling it.

Random Shutdowns on Your iPhone or iPad – The Most Common Problem

It is no question that both iPhones and iPads are probably the most versatile and feature-rich gadgets in the world. But where the well-loved Apple device is definitely a joy to have and to use, it can run into a couple of problems now and then.

One of the most common problems is random shutdowns on your iPhone or iPad you may encounter. When an iPhone or iPad shuts down suddenly while the battery still remains 20 %, 30% or even 50%, it can slow down the device or even sometimes make it unresponsive.

Apple Inc. relates this issue with battery-related problems, featuring it is because of lithium-ion batteries used in both iPhone and iPad running iOS 10 or previous versions. Furthermore, the ageing of the device and charging cycles may also lead to the sudden shutdowns. In case, if you have the oldest iPhone that is facing this issue, it is recommended to sell it and get a new one. Otherwise, you can replace the battery to fix this issue.

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However, you can also try to fix this problem yourself and boost the speed of your iPhone or iPad without spending a single penny. Here I am going to tell you some useful tips that you should follow if your Apple device is shutting down unexpectedly.

How to Prevent Random Shutdowns on Your iPhone Or iPad?

Update the Software

If your iPhone or iPad is shutting down unexpectedly, chances are that it may be because of an issue on the system software. In the past years, so many people reported that their Apple devices suddenly powered themselves off before the battery hit zero. Then, Apple came up with iOS 10.2.1 to better handle this battery issue, resulting in 80% fewer shutdowns on iPhones and iPads.

So, if your device is running old operating system then you should update it to iOS 10.2.1 or later. It will help you to fix random shutdowns on your gadget. To do so, launch Settings App > General > Software Update > tap on download and install and then enter your passcode and confirm it for system software updates.

Before updating the iOS, it is recommended to create a backup via iCloud or iTunes. However, if this trick did not work and you are still facing the same issue, you should consider the next tricks.

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Calibrate Your Phone

If you are experiencing unexpected shutdowns on your Apple device, it might be because of an app not loading or closing appropriately. You can calibrate your phone to fix this issue. Though it is the easiest and fastest way of fixing your home button, it won’t work every time.

To do this, simply launch one of the native apps such as Clock or Weather. Next, press and hold the sleep button and release when the “Slide to Power Off” bar appears. Now, press the home button and keep holding at least 5-10 seconds or until the app is closed and the phone returns to the home screen.

Force Restart

Whether your iPhone or iPad keeps shutting down prematurely or its battery is draining so fast, you can try the simple trick of Force restart. A forced/ hard restart can bring your Apple device back to the fully-working state by fixing these common issues.

To do so, all you need to do is to press and hold down the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously and release after 5 seconds or until you see an Apple logo on the screen. Hence, in case of iPhone 7 or latest models, press the Volume button because newer iPhones do have the Home button.

Once your Apple device has restarted, check to see if the problems occur again or not. If they persist, go on to the next trick.


If your Apple device is promptly discharging or randomly shutting down, plug it in. Once the charging cable is connected, you will see that the device starts to charge and now you can read the battery level. If you see little to no charging, it means something exhausted your battery. If you see the battery is partially or fully charged at that moment then your Apple device may have another problem.

To fix this issue, you can try to charge your iPhone or iPad by plugging into a wall outlet. The reason is that sometimes plugging it into the USB port of your Mac or PC does not work since they can’t give your gadget enough power. So, charge it through an outlet for at least one hour. If it is unable to charge your device, try using a different charging cable, a different USB port or a different outlet plug. Once it starts responding, look at your device and see if it shuts down again. If not, it’s really great. If so, then consider the next option.

Restore as New

The next way to fix the issue of unexpected shutdowns is to restore the device as new. You can restore your Apple gadget in two ways but to overcome this issue in a safe manner, restoring your iPhone or iPad through iTunes is a better option than iCloud because it actually involves offloads, re-installs and, reloads your data instead of doing all things in-place.

The iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max are the latest models of the iPhone.

Let’s take a look at how to restore an iPhone or iPad via iTunes:

  • Connect the device to a Mac or PC and launch iTunes.
  • Choose the device and then click on Back Up Now.
  • Wait for this to finish.
  • Then click on Restore iPhone or iPad to restore your backup that you just made.

After restoring your device, if you are still facing the same issue of random shutdowns, then you can take it to a mobile repair specialist to fix it.

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