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Fiverr: No. 1 Freelancing Marketplace (An Introduction)

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You have probably (or not) at one time or another heard the term Fiverr either randomly in a coffee shop, or as a topic of discussion amongst a group of people online or offline. So…

What is Fiverr?


Fiverr is one of the popular and pioneering freelance service marketplaces. Basically, Fiverr is a platform that serves as a middleman that helps connect employers who need to get certain tasks completed with individuals who have the know-how and talents to help them get the tasks done.

Unlike e-commerce platforms where products are being sold and buyers are connected to sellers, Fiverr is a marketplace for services where companies, brands, and entrepreneurs actively search for skilled individuals to provide certain services to them for a specific fee.

Employer/Businesses/Entrepreneurs (Buyer) —> Fiverr —> Skilled Individuals/Freelancers (Sellers)

The lowest or minimum rate a freelancer or service provider can charge for his/her services on Fiverr is five dollars (USD $5).

Originally when Fiverr started out, users were restricted to charging only $5 for a service. As the platform grew bigger, $5 became the minimum a seller could charge. Depending on the quality, quantity, and type of services, gig sellers can charge more than $5 for a service.

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Five dollars, ten dollars, fifty, a hundred bucks; you (as a freelancer and service seller) are at sheer liberty and control. The maximum amount you can, however, charge for a service is $995.

Anthing for $5 on Fiverr

This $5 minimum service fee is where the platform’s name Fiverr (pronounced as Five-er) originated from.

Services Sold/Rendered on Fiverr

Point blank, you can sell any (legal) service on Fiverr.

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With over 150 service categories, you can sell or buy gigs/services on graphics design, architecture and product design, article writing, copywriting, songwriting, video and voice-over production, animation, logo design, photoshop editing, data analysis, programming and tech, data analysis, online lessons/tutorials, arts & crafts, relationship advice, health, nutrition & fitness, astrology & readings, spiritual & healing, family & genealogy, gaming, SEO, resume and cover letter writing, and so many more services.

For a full list of services available on Fiverr, Click Here

If there’s something you are skilled at, there’s most likely someone on Fiverr that wants to pay some cash for your time and services.

Gigs, Payments, Commission, and Withdrawals


Upon successful creation of a Fiverr account as a seller, you can begin to create gigs immediately. Likewise, get employers and clients. There a lot of ways to make money on Fiverr.

A client looking for a skilled seller can peruse a freelancer’s profile, gig description, reviews from previous clients/buyers and other information to have an idea of the type and quality of service the freelancer provides.

When creating a gig, a seller can create a normal gig (called Basic gig) or fine-tune them to contain special extras, perks, and add-ons.

These special services can be classified as Standard and Premium packages. Special packages usually costs more and come with extra benefits fast delivery time, increased or unlimited number of revisions, additional customer services etc.

If a potential client loves your gig description and samples on your profile, he/she can get in touch with you and then proceed to hire you in a secure communication platform where project details discussed remains between the buyer and seller.

Payments and Withdrawal

Buyers pay directly to sellers and money is kept temporarily in the seller’s Fiverr account. Users can easily withdraw their earnings through direct bank deposit, PayPal, or using a Fiverr Revenue Card (FRC). FRC is a special type of debit card that is supported by Payoneer and MasterCard.

If you already have a Payoneer Mastercard, you can withdraw your Fiverr earnings via Payoneer.

P.S: Depending on your currency and location, you may be required to pay a withdrawal fee when transferring money from your account.


For every service you successfully render or sell to a buyer/employer on the platform, Fiverr takes a 20% service fee. This is the commission Fiverr charges for facilitating the trade between gig sellers and buyers.

Tips for Beginners

  • During registration, choose a service you are extremely good at and enjoy doing.
  • Fiverr is great way to make legitimate money online selling services you are skilled at.
  • While it is not a “get rich quick” scheme, it is possible to earn millions selling gigs to your clients.
  • Ensure you have enough time on your hands to complete your gigs and satisfy your clients.
  • Also, aim to obtain great ratings, feedbacks, and positive reviews from clients. This increases your chances of getting new buyers for your gigs.
  • Create a very detailed profile and gig page: write detailed and easy to understand service description, add a great cover photo or video (or both).
  • Price your gigs or services competitively.

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