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Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard Reviewed

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As one of the leading market leader in ergonomics, Kinesis has a history of creating quality keyboards. Also, they are among the first companies to dare push the boundaries of design to create a truly radical ergonomic keyboard, and the Kinesis Advantage2 ergonomic keyboard is the latest example of this.

Does it actually translate into more comfortable and efficient typing? Let’s find out.

Quick Overview:

Kinesis has been building and designing premium ergonomic keyboards for more than 20 years. The newly designed Advantage2 ergonomic keyboard features low-force cherry brown mechanical key-switches that reduces the amount of energy required to type.

Complimenting the keys is a smart programming engine for easy customization of your keyboard layout and keys. Also, the design of the new Kinesis Advantage2 offers some unique ergonomic benefits like the key layout for easy alignment of each finger.

Below are some of the exceptional features that make Kinesis Advantage2 ergonomic keyboard better than another ergonomic keyboard on the market today:


  • Concave Keywells: The key wells are placed into a concave shape to help reduce finger and hand extension. The hands rest in a relaxed, natural position, with your fingers bent down to the keys.
  • Possess separate key-wells for both hands: Separating the key-wells help in positioning your arms at shoulder width to keep your wrists perpendicular and straight to the home row. Working with straight wrists is vital in avoiding fatal injuries because it helps reduce ulnar and abduction deviation which often leads to swelling and pain.
  • 20-degrees of tenting: The 20-degrees optimal angle moderately raises your thumb side to put you in a neutral posture (help in reducing the stress caused by static muscle tension and forearm pronation).
  • Vertical key layout: These vertical keys are arranged in an orthogonal way to reflect the motion of your finger. The keys found on the conventional keyboards are an artifact of the first typewriter design, and they only serve to slow you down. Vertical keys help increase comfort, accuracy, and speed.
  • Offers comfortable palm supports: The included palm support reduces the hectic bending of your wrists and provides a convenient way to relax your hands when not typing.
  • Smaller footprint: The ergonomic keyboard looks big, but it has a small footprint when compared to a traditional keyboard and even other ergonomic keyboards. A much smaller footprint like this keyboard allows you to place the mouse much closer to your body, which reduces pain.
  • Separate thump keys: This feature offers easy access to the Enter, Delete, Control, Alt, Backspace, and Space keys.
  • Offers Cherry mechanical function keys: Kinesis Advantage2 users will cheer to learn that they have replaced the rubber, soft function keys with a high-performance cherry switch that offers tactile properties and low-force of the MX brown.

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What’s to Like:

  • Help reduce the risk of RSI due to the ergonomic shape: This keyboard was created to fit the shape of your hand naturally. This help in reducing the risk of suffering from repetitive strain injuries.
  • Reduces the need to move your hands sideways: One of the best features of the keys is that they are vertically allied in a straight column, to reduce the stress of continually exercising your muscle.
  • Works with Linux, Windows, and MacOS.
  • Perfect for learning how to type: Due to its uniqueness, this keyboard is ideal for learning touch type.
  • The comfortable palm rest I’ve ever used.
  • They are very programmable: This keyboard offers several programmable options, like keyboard layout or key mapping, and Macro recording.
  • Reduces thumb conflict over the spacebar.
  • They also reduce undesirable movements: Due to its size, this keyboard stays firmly to avoid unwanted movement when in use.

Not so Much:

  • Not great for gaming.
  • Expensive compared to regular keyboards.

The Kinesis Advantage2 ergonomic keyboard is a uniquely-shaped keyboard that is perfect for preventing injuries associated with prolonged finger strain, and incorrect hand posture.

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If you want to enjoy programming or typing at a fast pace, then Kinesis Advantage2 ergonomic keyboard is best for you. All these factors combined make Kinesis Advantage2 ergonomic keyboard the perfect option for you.

Best Anniversary Sale 2024
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