How to Get a Perfect Shave with an Electric Razor

How To Get Perfect Shave With An Electric Razor
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If you want to get a perfect shave, you have more than one way to achieve it. One of the most convenient ways to get the right shave you want is to use an electric razor. However, your techniques of shaving can also help get the perfect shave whether you use an electric shaver or any other types of shavers.

We recommend an electric shaver since it will relieve you from the worries of having to replace the razor heads regularly when working with other types of shavers. Another great thing about an electric razor is that it shaves fast and is ideal for users who have a sensitive skin.

In addition, the modern electric razors offer you the closest shave without experiencing skin irritation. Moreover, electric razors push the skin up and onward, unlike the manual razors that slice the hairs below the surface of the cutters.

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If you want to get a perfect shave with an electric razor, you need to know the following:

1. Get Ready

First things first: You won’t get the most out of an electric razor if your face is dirty and wet. So, before you start shaving, ensure to wash your face to get rid of the skin’s natural oil.

You can use an alcohol-based pre-shave solution that contains Vitamin E to protect yourself from skin irritation from the shaver.

Note that there are other types of shavers you can use with or without water, but it’s good to ensure your face is dry so as to get the perfect shave.

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Important: Avoid taking a hot shower first since doing that will make your skin to be hot, sweat and puffy which will make it difficult to shave. But ensure it’s dry before you start shaving.

2. Charge the Razor Fully Beforehand

Still in the preparations, before you even start shaving, you need to ensure the razor is fully charged. A fully charged razor will give you a perfect and close shave.

Well, most manufacturers assure that their shavers can remain sharp until when the battery is empty, but things might go the wrong way during shaving.

Shaving with a shaver whose razor is not fully charged means the results will not be desirable. In fact, it slows down the shaving but with a fully charged razor, the process can be faster.

So, to be on the safe hand, ensure to charge the razor fully before you start shaving.

3. Know the Difference Between the Two Types of Electric Razors

There are two different types of electric razors currently which are: Foil and Rotary.

The two types are great when it comes to shaving, but they have some slight differences, however, it will depend on which one suits your shaving needs.

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Foil Razor: This type of electric razor looks similar to a manual razor blade in that it’s easy to use since you just need to move the razor back and forth.

It is designed with a horizontal cutting blade covered with a curved metal foil. A foil razor is perfect for people who shave regularly and is believed to provide a close shave than the rotary razor.

Foil Shaver vs Rotary Shaver

Rotary Razor: The Rotary Razor is perhaps one of the most used machines and is designed with at least three separate rotating heads.

The rotary razor shaves all the hairs from all different directions on the face. This type of electric razor is ideal for shaving long and tough hairs.

Note that whether you decide to use the rotary or the foil razor, they are all still convenient and you can use them when in a hurry and you don’t want to apply a shaving cream.

What to Consider When Choosing an Electric Razor

There are numerous things you need to consider for you to get the best electric razor and the fact that there are plenty of types and brands out there can make your buying process overwhelming.

You can ask your barber to recommend you but still, you can observe the following factors:

  • Convenience and Comfort: You don’t want a complicated shaver and so you need to choose one that feels comfortable and easy to use in your day to day shaving.
  • Speed: Speed is an important factor that you must not overlook. Speed is measured in cycles per minute-CMA. More importantly, remember the electric razor should take a quarter of the time you take when shaving with a manual blade. For instance, if it takes 10 minutes to shave with a manual razor, then an electric razor should take 3 minutes
  • Longevity: While an electric razor can be a little pricey, the price should be equivalent to the amount of time the machine lasts.
  • Battery Life: As we’ve mentioned above that a fully charged razor will give you the best shaving experience, it is good to choose an electric razor with a battery life of around 50 to 60 minutes.
  • Latest Models: Last but not the least; choose the latest models designed with hi-tech features to enhance your shaving experience.

Final Words

An electric razor is a little pricey but it will save time and money in the long run. Also, it will reduce the discomfort caused by other types of shavers such as irritation. But most importantly, you need to know how to use it to get the perfect shave you desire and in just a few minutes.

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