Top 6 Ways Technology Has Improved Woodworking

CNC machine
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Woodworking has a long and storied history. It is thought of as one of the world’s oldest professions and is still highly respected to this day.

While it is often thought of as something extremely labor intensive and done exclusively by hand, various advances in technology have been improving this image slowly but surely.

So what specific advancements in technology have improved the woodworking industry for you and your team?

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  • Electrification Of Tools
  • Decreased Cost Of Shipping Of Superior Raw Materials
  • Advanced Mechanical Table Saws
  • Utilizing Online Platforms For Better Coworker Connectivity
  • Increasing Output Without Decreasing Quality
  • Computer Numerical Control Machines

We discuss these few points in a little more details below:

1. Electrification Of Tools:

Electrification Of Tools

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While this may seem like a no-brainer for you as a modern woodworker, it is important to recognize the roots of the industry where absolutely every aspect of the craft was done by hand.

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Electrification of tools such as drills and sanders have made for much quicker work and much more precise work. Engineers have spent hours on these tools ensuring that they remain reliable for you the woodworker over time.

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2. Decreased Cost Of Shipping Of Superior Raw Materials:

One hundred years ago, woodworkers almost exclusively used raw materials that were local to them. This was largely due to the incredibly high shipping costs of getting premium materials shipped from around the globe.

Now, thanks to the technology improvements in the shipping industry, you are able to get the finest products from around the globe.

While this still makes the raw materials slightly more expensive, the value of the finished product is well worth the additional cost.

3. Advanced Mechanical Table Saws:

Advanced Mechanical Table Saws

This is perhaps one of the single most important tools to you as a modern woodworker. An advanced mechanical table saw is most helpful in making highly precise crosscuts.

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Historically, it had been far easier to cut wood only with the grain. Additional attachments to this device can also allow for some never before possible designs to be utilized.

4. Utilizing Online Platforms For Better Coworker Connectivity:

Many underappreciated the value of the internet in the woodworking industry. This is especially true in much larger woodworking operations where communication can be more difficult.

Being in constant communication with one another allows you to remain up to date on where certain projects stand and whether or not one of your coworkers will need to pick up where you left off.

5. Increasing Output Without Decreasing Quality:

As the demand for quality wood products rises, it is unrealistic to expect that you would be able to provide the necessary supply using more dated techniques.

Utilizing technology as a woodworker allows you to put out just as good, if not a better product in a fraction of the time as past methods.

Computer Numerical Control Machines:

CNC machineAlso known as simply a CNC machine, this device has revolutionized the world of highly precise woodworking.

It allows you to input the most specific commands that would be difficult for a human to do by hand and it is able to complete the woodworking design in just a matter of minutes. A CNC machine is a must have for the modern woodworker.

Your specific woodworking operation may not need all of the above technology advancements to remain successful. The key is to find the technology advancements that best suit you and your team and running with them.

You never want quality of your product to suffer but if you can increase output without sacrificing quality, this is a win-win scenario for all parties.

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