Best Tools to Have in your Home Garage

Car Tool Kit
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A well-equipped garage can make car work easier and more possible to do by yourself. If you like doing mechanical work or simply want to have something available to use whenever there are issues with your car, some essential garage tools can be super handy.

With the right tools, working on your car becomes an enjoyable task. Plus, you save up a lot on repair costs done at an auto repair shop.

Here are some of the best tools to have in your home garage.

Screwdriver Set

ScrewdriverPhoto by Jack Douglass on Unsplash


Along with a set of car gadgets for better driving experience, among the most basic car tools is a screwdriver set. Your car parts are attached to each other using screws, and you need to have a set to dismantle them.

Common types of screws you usually needed are a flat head, Phillips, and Torx. However, it is still smart to keep a full set of screwdrivers in your garage just to be sure that you have what you need, whenever you need it.

Socket and Driver Set

Car Tool Kit

Among the basic fasteners of the car construction are nuts and bolts. As such, you need to have a reliable socket driver at hand. It should be part of your toolkit.

There are various range of sockets, and it is best if you keep a full range in your toolkit. If you have this in your home garage, it will be enough to handle some of the basic bolt sizes your car might have.

Inspection Lamp

Inspection Lamp

When inspecting your car for any wear and tear or when trying to fix loose ends, you’ll need enough light. After all, you can’t fix anything you can’t see.

Overhead lighting is just not adequate especially if you have to tinker a bit under your car. An inspection lamp is a great deal of help when it comes to working within the depths of your car’s engine bay.

It is an essential tool when it comes to the regular maintenance of your vehicle or when fixing any car issues. Great illumination while working makes repairs more efficient.

Make sure though that your inspection lamp comes with a long extension cord.

Torque Wrench

Torque Wrench

Car maintenance is important to avoid and prevent any possible issues while on the road. With the significant percentage of road accidents that happen due to mechanical failure according to this report, you wouldn’t want to risk it.

As such, you’ll need to have a full toolkit that you can use for a regular check-up of your car, and it includes a torque wrench. Though some say this tool is a luxury, it’s an essential tool in your garage kit.

Use it for changing your car’s rims by allowing you to tighten lug nuts but not having to worry about damaging the rims.

Floor Jack and Stands

Automatic Car Jack System

A floor jack is fairly essential to have around especially when you have to look or repair under your car. It gives you the leverage as well as the clearance to fit under your vehicle.

Don’t forget to have jack stands in handy too. It will help secure your car while you are working underneath.

Power Tools

Power Tools

There are a lot of power tools in a garage and it is quite long to mention each power tool here. However, a basic garage should have, at the very least, a cordless drill. You will need to have one for drilling a hole whenever you have to connect or combine dash pieces.

You can also use this, too, to polish your car. The great thing about a cordless drill is its keyless chuck that you can connect to a variety of hex- or round-shank drill bits or screw-driving bits. It’s the most versatile power tool!

Air Compressor

Skip going to an auto repair shop and do the work on your tires yourself with the help of an air compressor. Use it to blow clean parts as well. You can opt to buy a heavy duty air compressor or a portable one.

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher

In your garage, you are more likely to work around the car’s battery and the gasoline in an enclosed space which can be unsafe at times, especially if you are not careful. Just to be on the safe side, have a fire extinguisher at hand in case you need to put out fires.

Storage Tool Chest

Keep everything organized! Put tools in a tool box or chest. You’re also likely to collect small items when you tinker with your car. So, a storage area for these items would be highly handy. Plus, it keeps your workspace less messy.


With these tools at hand, you’re all set for whatever work or repair – whether at home or for your car. Every craftsman will only be as good as the tools they have, and with the best tools to have in your home garage, you’ll be ready for whatever your car needs.

Author Bio: I spend most of my time in my garage turn wood workshop. I love tinkering with tools and explore them to do beautiful home improvements for my lovely family. Air Tool Guy is where I share my tips, experience and passion to my fellow DIY-ers.

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