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Taking Stock of Your Asset Tracking Capabilities

Taking Stock of Your Asset Tracking Capabilities

Businesses that rely on the accuracy of their asset management capabilities are often left wondering how best to effectively track their inventories. Today's high-tech marketplace calls for a system that allows for complete and total inventory control that is fully customizable to fit the size and needs of your...
Download Snaptube

Snaptube: Free Video & Music Download App for Android

Snaptube is a free app available for Android that enables you easily download video and music from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Have you ever loved a video on Facebook or Instagram and wished you could save it to your smartphone for private consumption or sharing with...

Here are 6 Reasons Why You Should Have A Website

Are you a small business owner? Do you have a website for the business? According to research done by the research firm Clutch, 46% of companies don’t have a site. They argue that it’s either too expensive or not relevant to their line of business. Regardless of whether your company...
Realme U1

Realme U1 Specs and Price

Realme, which recently became a stand-alone company after being a sub-brand of Oppo for months since its May 2018 inception, has released the latest smartphone from its coffers. Dubbed the Realme U1, the device is the first member of the Chinese company "Realme U" series. Also, the Realme would...
Android Games Reviews

5 Best Android Games Reviews

If you are someone who just loves to play video games and if you just bought a big Android phone with a big screen for gaming then you are in the right place, reading the right article. You see it is an undeniable fact that the Play Store on your...
Mobile Operators across Middle East Set for Global 5G Leadership, According to New GSMA Reports

Mobile Operators across Middle East Set for Global 5G Leadership, According to New GSMA Reports

GCC Operators Set for Commercial 5G Launches in 2019; Supportive Regulatory Environment and Availability of Spectrum Key to Driving 5G Adoption Across Region DUBAI, United Arab Emirates The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Arab States1 are set to be global leaders in the deployment of 5G networks, with all six markets expected to...
Tips to Buy a Latest Smart Phone at Cheapest Price

Tips to Buy a Latest Smartphone at Cheapest Price

Technology is growing everyday introducing smart features to gadgets. As a result, smartphones have become an important part of everyone’s life. Every third person is using a smart-phone to make his/her daily life easy. Smartphone world is developing faster and better than ever. In 2018, you have already witnessed some...
External Hard Drive: Computer Accessories

How to Choose Accessories for Computer

It can be difficult to choose the right accessories for a computer. However, you also have to keep the budget in mind. You want to get the best quality items that will be useful for a long time. Everyone owns a computer or laptop nowadays but still, they require...
Flexible Printed Circuit Board

Flexible Printed Circuit Boards in Modern Electronics

What is Flex PCB? A pattern of copper traces bonded on a flexible substrate with or without flexible coverlay is known by a term called flex circuit or flexible PCB. These flexible circuits can be fabricated using same components that are used in fabrication of rigid electronic circuits, the only difference...
Micro ATX Case

Best Micro ATX Cases 2018

Whether you are a pro gamer or a beginner, picking up the perfect PC case is a challenging task for anyone. With the advent of technology, it has become extremely difficult for a user to choose from the Best Micro ATX Cases. The market is flooded with several of...

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