Famous Tesla Lovers

The stunning Tesla Model S
The stunning Tesla Model S
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As you may have guessed from the title, the Tesla electric cars are beloved by some pretty famous people. Celebrities, musicians and film stars are all doing their bit for the environment by driving these alternative fuel vehicles. Before we move on to the models that are the favourites with the rich and famous, let’s briefly touch on the history of alternative fuel cars.

History of Environmentally Friendly Vehicles

You may be surprised to learn that electric cars are not actually a new invention, they first took to the roads over 100 years ago. At the beginning of the modern personal transport era, the future of electric cars seemed very promising. In 1828, a Hungarian inventor, Ányos István Jedlik, demonstrated the first successful electric engine able to power a small car.

Although they were a wonder of the modern age at the time, the expensive cost, low speed and short storage capability of electric and battery-powered engines meant that they weren’t viable for widespread use or manufacturing. And so it was that development in alternative fuel engines came to a halt, only to find its glory days again in the 21st century.

The conscious Tesla Company

These days, there’s one name synonymous with electric cars – Tesla, Inc. The automotive company, headed by Elon Musk, first gained serious public awareness in 2008 with their launch of the first electric sport car: the Tesla Roadster. The conscious vision of the company was not only to design and manufacture environmentally-friendly cars, but to also make them accessible to the masses.

Celebrity Tesla Drivers

As electric cars get more popular, celebrity drivers want to be both trendy and eco-conscious. Naturally, the rich and famous prefer the luxurious Tesla models, often having them customised to compliment their exclusive lifestyles.

Funk and R&B legend, Lionel Richie, treated himself a bespoke Model S with an unmistakable ‘piano black’ gloss trim finish. The hitmaker, known for those classic tunes Hello and Dancing on the Ceiling, even added a center console insert device and 21″ lightweight forged wheels to truly make the car his own.

Another proud Tesla Model S owner is American professional poker poker player and professional eSports competitor, 33 year old Randy Lew. With his fast-paced lifestyle, Lew needs a car he can rely on, and his S model has an impressive operating range (at full charge) of 400 kilometers. Perfect for those out of town tournaments!

Other famous Model S owners and drivers include film star Cameron Diaz, Colombian pop icon Shakira and even Indiana Jones himself, Harrison Ford, who proudly owns a stunning anthracite grey model.

Actor Jaden Smith drives a Model X, which comes with an amazing autopilot advanced safety mechanism.

A Model X at the market launch ceremony 
A Model X at the market launch ceremony

Renowned environmental activist and Hollywood star, Leonardo DiCaprio drives a Tesla Roadster. This super aerodynamic car is currently the fastest car in the world, boasting top speeds exceeding an astonishing 400 km per hour. His fellow actors, Matt Damon and George Clooney, are both proud owners of Tesla Roadsters, too.

Fun Tesla Facts

  • The Model X has a Biohazard defence mode, which can be activated to clean the air inside the car and to create an impenetrable bubble. This is not only comes in handy in potential biological disasters, but even in highly polluted cities.
  • “Even the very last ride can be done in style” – that is the motto of Dutch funeral company, Lans & Busscher, which uses a specially-adapted Model S as a hearse.
  • You can even rent a ‘Tesla House’ on Airbnb.com. This “fastest hotel room on offer” anywhere in the world is, in fact, a Model 3 and easily accommodates a single person under 2 meters tall.

The Golden Era of the electric car is upon us

Tesla may be leading the way in terms of innovation in alternative-fuel vehicles, however traditional petrol-fuelled vehicle manufacturers like BMW, Volvo and Nissan are catching up with the trend. In the coming decade, the demand for electric vehicles is likely to soar even more.

According to the Fuji Keizai Group, market research specialists, the number of electric cars sold worldwide on the mass market should increase by a huge 1480% come the year 2035. With more and more highway-capable electric cars entering production, vehicle pollution-free air might be on the horizon sooner than you think!

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