How to Recover Deleted Data from SD Card

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SD cards are used for the storage of information in almost all devices. This stored data, if lost, can prove a lot of inconvenience for the user.

Data may be lost through accident, corruption of SD card, virus attack or simply formatting of the SD card. However, there are ways through which a person can recover data from SD card.

The recovery of the data can be performed through the installation of software which enables a user to recover files from SD card and store it on another device, very likely a computer.

Some of the famous software used to recover data from SD card are – Recoverit Data Recovery, iCare Data, Minitool Data Recovery, Recuva and Disk Drill.

Steps to Recover Data

RecoverIt Data Recovery Software

This software help in the recovery of deleted data from an SD card through with a computer. This is performed by following these steps:

The first step is to connect the SD card to the computer. This is done by connecting an SD card reader to the computer and inserting the SD card into the card reader.

The next step is to install the SD recovery software on the computer. After the installation and scanning of the software, it is run on the computer. Of course, you can also install the recovery software first.

The SD card data recovery software scans the SD card. After the scan has been completed by the data recovery software, the data recovery software will mention all the data which has been recovered by the software in a window.

There are several windows in the software for displaying found files and documents. This data is deleted data which has been recovered, lost data, lost files, data which is found after the formatted recovery and the files which lost their pathnames.

Filter and Search

After all the recovered files have been mentioned in the window of the recovery software, the user can filter and search for the data or file they wish to store in the computer.

This can be done by double-clicking on the recovered files to check the content present in them and then relocating them to the computer or any other storage device. And this is how one can recover lost or deleted data from an SD card back to their computer.

Get the Best Data Recovery Software

To pick the best data recovery software, some things should be considered. The different data recovery software present on the web may charge a fee for the recovery of data from the SD card.

Some also recover the data for free while some others only let you recovered data for free up to a limited amount of data and the person is charged after the limit is crossed. The scans which are offered by the software are quick scan and deep scan.

The deep scan takes much more time and scans large files. The quick scan takes less time and recovers small files and documents. The software also needs to be updated at regular intervals to ensure that they are equipped with the latest tools and mechanisms to recover data from the SD card.

The data recovery software is found to be functional with different operating systems. Some of the data recovery systems are only compatible with one of the Operating software or they are shown to work better with one of the operating software.

Also, some of the software does not retrieve particular kind of files. This means that some of the software may not be able recovers with a specific extension. Therefore, if you had stored files with that particular extension on your SD card, then the data recovery software may not be able to recover them.

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