All Websites are same: How to use Psychology of Website Design to kill your Competition?

How to use Psychology of Website Design to kill your competition
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Last year I visited China to meet one of the investors. The moment I stepped down the airplane all I saw was people. Starting from the airport to the streets of China. With over 1.41 Billion people China holds the record for the most populated country across the globe. It’s overly crowded there but still China is ruling the world economy. This concludes one thing. Regardless of quantity, if there is quality there is chance to grow & outsmart your competitors.

The online landscape is crowded and for your brand to stand out it is important that you understand the psychology of website design.

In an era where there are brands who can experiment with various website design technologies, there is an easier and cheaper way out. If you understand some basic psychological principles it will be a piece of cake for you to come up with engaging, charming, and shareworthy website designs.

Pattern Recognition

Human brain works in mysterious ways.

Our brain is trained for pattern recognition. We take what we know, and our brain use the cognitive process to fill out the missing details.

It’s a form of heuristic – like some rules that our brain uses to solve unknown problems. In a situation where we don’t know anything, our brain use adaptive toolbox to complete the pattern and make it easy for us to understand.

While browsing websites, users tend to recognize patterns. And match those patterns with our existing knowledge. For instance, our experience tells us that search feature in e-commerce is getting smarter. If the search box is not reading our thoughts like a smart AI, we will move towards a new website.

In every website we look for patterns which can reduce our time and maximize our reward. If we don’t find something easy, we close the website and look for an easy website.

Here are some tips to add patterns in your website.

Tips to use recognisable Patterns

  • Let’s start with hamburger menu. Although there is a huge debate about it, but regardless of that, the hamburger menu is quite popular and easily recognizable by the users.
  • To make users feel safe, use Breadcrumbs which gives an organized way to browse the website.
  • Account Registration is a tricky thing. It drives people away. Make it as simple as possible. Use social-sign ups which is what people look for.
  • FAQ is something where people assume to find all the answers. Spend some time on it. List down all the possible questions and answer them.
  • If you’re using visual storytelling, it’s good to use continuous scrolling to display large amount of content in a readable manner.

Use Colors to spark different parts of your Brain

While talking to a senior graphic designer from a professional website design agency I learned how they use the power of colors to take advantage and sell more than their competition:

  • To send a website alert, create urgency or make an announcement the Red color brings attention and all the energy.
  • To highlight female products Pink is the right choice.
  • When launching a new product, Green gives the feeling of optimism and positivity.
  • Blue color creates the feeling of trust and openness among the customers.
  • White color is for transparency and purity which is used in the shopping cart.
  • To promote beauty and anti-aging products Purple generate more sales than any other color.


Designed by a Swiss designer, Helvetica is the most popular typeface choice for graphic designers. Simple, clean, and room for the eyes to see what is written in-between.

Serif fonts on the other hand depicts professionalism. The fonts evoke the feeling of modernity. Giants like Apple & Google used these fonts from time after time to gain a sense of innovation.

When it comes to fonts, spacing plays a vital role. Fonts like Helvetica, Calibri, and Sans Serif provide some space to keep a good balance between font size and give an air of flightiness.

Use Social Proof to Influence Customer Action

Human beings are hard-wired to act in certain ways.

There is something known as cognitive bias, when we see something familiar we try to relate it to something that happened with us. If we understand how these bias function, we can make customers take better decisions.

One such bias is ‘social proof’. Known also by the name of social influence. This is when people feel they need to buy something just because other people are buying it.

You can use testimonials, reviews, video testimonials, and even display how many people are following or used your product and improved their lives.

The more you display the social impact, greater will be the chance to get more attention of users.


A website is one of the most important online medium with which companies can create a connection with their customers. Using psychology will trigger customers and they will buy without asking too many questions.

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