The Art Of Loyalty: How Membership Cards Can Improve Your Sales

Loyalty Cards: How Membership Cards Can Improve Your Sales
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In a world of endless commercial opportunity, it can feel as though you are spending all of your time competing to be heard. Who has the best product, the most customers, the best Black Friday deals?

Keeping customers who return time and again is an ongoing challenge for many retailers and service providers, and an exclusive membership scheme could be your key to boosting sales and retaining loyalty.

All you need to get started are a few good incentives, and ID card printer to produce the key to the benefits. Read on to see those profits soar!

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Why Use a Membership Scheme?

Human beings are herd animals, and we all like to be doing what everyone else is. From the month-long waiting list for a handbag to paying over the odds to be given VIP treatment in a club, we have proven time and again that we all want to be part of something.

As social beings, we survived prehistoric challenges by sticking together and making sure we were part of a tribe. Fast forward thousands of years and not much has changed. The good news is that you can use this desire to fit in to boost your customer loyalty.

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A membership scheme allows people to get in on the action, and feel as though they belong. Members will pay a set fee, either monthly or annually, and receive benefits in exchange. These can differ depending on the nature of your business, but here are a few examples:

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Early Access To Sales

If you are a retailer, offering membership deals can give those customers a sneak peek into the sales before the general public.

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These ‘members only’ events usually occur in the evening after the days trading has finished, and can offer a more personalized and luxurious experience to the usual sales madness.

With fewer people, there are more options available before the good stuff is snapped up, and your staff will have the opportunity to work more closely with the visitors, offering advice and bespoke service which improves the shopping experience.

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Coupons Or Money Off Deals

As well as access to the best sales, you can boost loyalty by offering your members exclusive coupons and opportunities to save money.

Perhaps they get a 20 percent off coupon on their birthday, a ‘Christmas present’ from you, and a variety of vouchers for deals throughout the year. Giving a physical voucher for your store encourages them to spend it with you—no-one can resist a bargain!

It also makes them feel valued and special, especially if this is strictly limited to members. ‘Service awards’ are also a good deal here – after so many months or years of membership, an extra-special deal could thank them for their loyalty. People like to feel important and giving them things helps.

Ability to ‘tier’ Membership Options

Aspiration is important, and offering your customers choice is an excellent way to help them feel in control of their buying experience.

Offering tiered membership means you can tailor your benefits to different audiences, and better deals at the top encourage customers to climb the ladder. There is no better feeling than having the exclusive gold card!

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