Facebook Marketing for Businesses

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It is no longer news that Facebook is the leading social media site with over 800 million active users. That means Facebook should be an important item in your going online strategy. If you own a business, you should have some kind of presence on Facebook or you could be missing out on the huge marketing opportunity that Facebook offers. In this article, I will be introducing you to Facebook Marketing.

A Facebook Brand Page for Business

Facebook offers brand pages designed for the unique needs of businesses. If you run a business, you should create a Facebook brand page for your business marketing. It is free. Some micro and small businesses make the mistake of using personal profiles for business pages.

This is wrong and could come with some limitations. First there is a limit to the number of friends you can have on a personal Facebook profile. Then, a number of marketing tools are missing on personal Facebook pages. In contrast, Facebook brand pages allow you to have millions of fans.

Opening a Facebook brand page is easy. First you need to create a personal Facebook profile for yourself. Once you have created your personal Facebook page, go to the bottom of the page and click on Create a Page link, fill in the form and voila!, you now have a Facebook business page.

Create a Facebook fan page create a page link.

Build Your Facebook Fan base

Well, you now have a Facebook fan page, but to market, you need people to market to. This is where building the Facebook fan base of your business comes in. You should make your Facebook fan page a community for people interested on your kind of products and services. This makes it easier to market your products and services as your fans will be more responsive.

In building your Facebook fan base your first point of call are your friends. Invite your Facebook friends to join your Facebook brand page. Then if you have been smart enough to capture the emails of your current customers, you should also send them emails introducing your Facebook brand page to them and inviting them to join.

You should add links inviting visitors to your website to join you on Facebook. And don’t tell me you do not have a website. You should have a website (not a must) before going to Facebook. Although you can open a Facebook brand page without building a website, doing so will limit your online presence.

Facebook should just be one of your fronts online not all of it. Facebook might be big today, but no one knows what will be big in the next five years. A website will give you a neutral platform online, enabling you adapt your business to all online marketing opportunities big, small, or the next big thing.

You can also buy some Facebook advertising to attract more fans to your brand page. With Facebook advertising you can target your ads to people who are more likely to be interested to your type of product. You can target interests, location, age, etc. A properly targeted Facebook advertising campaign will ensure that most of your fans will be more responsive to your ongoing Facebook marketing.

With your fan base growing gradually, you need to be posting interesting updates, so that you don’t lose momentum and some of your fans. Every post must not be about selling your products and services. Try to be human and social. Create excitement on your fan page with quizzes, competition, and freebies. You can also share industry relevant news on your Facebook brand page.

You now know a bit about Facebook marketing, you can now start using it to build your business.

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