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Top 5 Smart Sleeping Gadgets

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An average human being spends one-third of his/her life resting in sleep. Good sleep is very essential for a human body to stay healthy.

During sleep, the body heals itself and revives the body cells. Today, people are more cautious about their sleep and understand it’s importance better than ever. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shared that about every third American is suffering from lack of sleep.

As a result, every year thousands of people take leaves from offices which cause loss of around 400 billion dollars every year. Besides, individual’s health suffers from various sleep deprivation effects.

According to sleep experts, the last significant innovation in the sleep industry was the memory foam which happened around 50 years ago. Technology is blooming in every field tremendously but, people still sleep on the same form mattresses.

But now the technology is entering the sleep industry with a bang. 2024 seems to be more promising than 2023 in aspects of improving the sleep experiences. New gadgets and technologies are entering the bedrooms to empower each individual with a great sleep experience.

Sleep gadgets are outstanding and effective tools to help you sleep better and stay healthier. CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2018, had exhibited some of the most exciting and innovative sleep technology products where you witnessed amazing sleep gadgets like Nokia Sleep, Phillips SmartSleep, Somnox and many more.

In 2023, the vision of smart bedrooms appears to accomplish with the latest smart sleep gadgets. Hence, let’s have a look at the sleep gadgets that are expected to be trending in the coming years.

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Continue reading to explore the sleep gadgets for 2024

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1. Smart lights – The Philips Hue Wellness lamp

Smart lights - The Philips Hue Wellness lamp
Image Source

Lights are vital component while sleeping. Also, your bedroom lights affect your sleep quality. Therefore, innovative smart lights are hitting the sleep world.

The Philips Hue Wellness lamp is a special Wi-Fi connected bulb which can be paired with the Hue phone apps on your smartphone. This bulb adjusts its lights with the time creating a more natural environment for you to feel relaxed and peaceful by the time of sleep.

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The inbuilt alarm connected with your phone setting lit up the lamp like the sunrise in the morning. This is the best way to start and end your day.

2. Smart Mattress – Sleep Number Mattress

Smart Mattress - Sleep Number Mattress
Image Source

Don’t get surprised to see a mattress in this list. Sleep Number is a great addition to a smart bedroom concept. This mattress firmness can be adjusted using a smart-phone app.

The best part is that its built-in sensors which give you full sleep analysis like heart rate, breathing, and movements while sleeping.

You can study your sleep and find out your health status. You can control the mattress smartness in just a touch on your phone. You can find more information from the Voonky on this amazing techie mattress.

3. Smart Mask – Neuroon Intelligent Sleep Mask

Smart Mask
Image Source

Probably this is the smartest eye mask you have ever seen. The Neuroon Intelligent Sleep Mask is capable of analyzing your sleep habits and stats.

It measures the brain waves, pulses, body temperature and movements. Mask is connected to a mobile app which optimizes the stats and helps you sleep better.

4. Smart Bed – Balluga

Smart Bed - Balluga
Image Source

2019 is going to get smarter bedrooms filled with smart sleep enhancing beds. The existing Balluga bed is known to be the world’s smartest bed. This bed is designed to enhance your sleep entirely.

It monitors your body’s stats and adjusts its firmness accordingly. Also, it keeps the body temperature and mattress support as per your settings. It has patented its air spring cells layer to make sure the bed doesn’t sag or compress with time.

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5. Smart Pillow – Hyde & Sleep Smart Pillow

Smart Pillow - Hyde and Sleep Pillow
Image Source 

How many of you like to hug your pillow and sleep through the night? Guessing majority people are side-sleepers and like to hug while sleeping.

Also, feeling too warm or cold can be a sleep barrier for many people. Therefore, Hyde & Sleep using the NASA technology allows you a great sleep experience.

The material of this pillow reacts according to the skin temperature felt on it. When you rest your head on this pillow, it senses your temperature and adjusts its temperature more conveniently for your sleep.

Sum Up

A popular English dramatist named Thomas Dekker once said that “Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together” you cannot agree more to this.

He described the value of good sleep in just a phase exceptionally well. As people are getting more aware of sleep importance more and more inventions are made.

Today, there are so many gadgets to help you get the right sleep experience. Technology is helping to make your life more perfect and healthy with its latest techs and innovations.

Hope you found the information written here useful for you. You may share your sleep gadget experiences here for the other readers to grasp more gadgets knowledge.









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