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What to Do with Your Old Tech Devices

What to do with your Old Tech Devices

As important as our devices are to us, one of the biggest questions we can have is what to do with our old, outdated computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. According to Gartner research company, nearly 1.9 billion cellphones were turned in throughout 2015, which averages out to nearly one in...
lucky Patcher

Download Lucky Patcher APK Download for Android

Hi, guys today I am going to talk about a very interesting app called Lucky Patcher. It is an app used to block unnecessary ads flashing on your screen from gaming apps or from other applications. You can download Lucky Patcher for Android as well as on your PC....
Best Android Phones Under 60,000 Naira in Nigeria 2018

Best Android Phones Under 60,000 Naira in 2020

For a list of the best android phones under 60,000 Naira, you are at the right place. 60,000 Naira is good start if you want to buy a decent mid-range smartphone in Nigeria. Android phones in this price range will offer some high-end features as well. You may also be...
Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2 (a.k.a. Galaxy J7 Prime 2018) Specs and Price

Recently released into the budget category is the successor to the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime. Although not as loud as the launch of their flagships, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, the smartphone has been released into the India market. The Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2 is very...
Oppo F7

Oppo F7 Specs and Price

In continuation of the F-series, Oppo just recently launched the new successor, the Oppo F7. Coming up the heel of the Vivo V9, the Oppo F7 joins in the league of notched display which would remind you of the iPhone X. Like its predecessors, the smartphone is centered on...
5 Trends to Shape Up E-commerce in 2018

5 Trends to Shape Up E-commerce in 2021

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that e-commerce is slowly taking over the world and by 2020, the sales are anticipated to surpass $4 trillion threshold! While established companies will look to build on the foundation set in the previous years, small companies and startups will find it difficult to...
Best Android Phones Under $300 with Amazing Specs

Best Android Phones under $300 with Amazing Specs

We have looked at the best android phones under $100 and considered some great options you can get for $200 or below. If you are going for something a little bit more in the upper midrange market, you might want to consider the best android phones under $300 for...
Oppo A1

Oppo A1 Specs and Price

There are certain levels to mid-range smartphones in the market. While they generally offer nice features for their price, there's a budget sections for those that are not willing to spend much, yet demands a level of functionality. This brings us to the Oppo A1, a budget mid-range offering...
Huawei GR5 (2017)

Huawei GR5 (2017) Specs and Price

Huawei is one of the bug players when it comes to smartphone making and also owns the Honor brand a sort of more affordable price tagged line of smartphones. The Huawei GR5 (2017) is a mid-range offering and has quite a number of interesting features. However, the smartphone seems...
Qi Wireless Charger

QI. Going Wireless – Best Wireless Chargers

No one likes wires. But everyone has a phone, which has to be charged with a wire daily. And Jiji.ng has something that you will enjoy greatly, browse https://jiji.ng/mobile-phones for the best shopping experience. You may have heard of multiple wireless charging standards and charging pads or stands. So...