The Application of Cloud Technology in Translation Services

The Application of Cloud Technology in Translation Services
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Is your company overwhelmed by its translation assignments? Maybe of late things seem like they are bursting the seams; almost always you have too much work to accomplish immediately.

What makes the matter worse is that you are constantly under pressure to meet customer expectations. As if that is not enough, you still have your competitors to contend with.  If your translation services are slow and (or) erroneous you can say goodbye to your translation business.

So what is the way forward? Certainly, you need some enlightenment on the application of cloud technology in translation services. Why?

Gone are the days when translation companies relied on human translators to figure out the meaning of written texts and express them in the target language. We are in the 21st century where machine translators, or to be more precise, computer-aided-translation (CAT) is the norm.

You might have already heard or even experimented with this technology where you buy some software and install it in your desktops, laptops, tablets and even smartphones which help you translate from one language to the target language.

Well, computer-aided technology is a great way of easing the task and making translation faster. But then advances in IT have brought a newer version of CAT that can make your work easier and more cost-effective. This is where cloud computing kicks in to make your translation services easy and competitive.

What is Cloud Computing?

This is a valid question especially if you are new to this field. Don’t be misled by the word ‘Cloud’ as the concept has nothing to do with the physical clouds we see in the sky, rather it’s a metaphor for the internet.

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Simply said, Cloud Computing is Internet-based computing where different services including applications, storage, and servers are delivered to an organization’s devices and computers through the internet.

In the translation industry, Cloud Computing uses advanced language and computer processing technology to accomplish the tasks of translation. Therefore cloud translation platform is a new entrant, a new type of artificial real-time online translation system.

What does this mean for a Translation company?

It simply means that as a translation company you have access to numerous translation tools and resources available online which you can use on demand.

You don’t have to install the software on each of your computers and devices rather you access these tools and resources online if and when you need them.

Advantages of Cloud Computing in Translation Services

Having cleared the air on what cloud computing is, let’s focus on the benefits that this approach delivers to translation companies.

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Most cloud computing translation services are provided on a self-service mode and on demand. This means enormous amounts of translation resources and tools can be accessed and used in a matter of seconds or minutes. This takes off, or greatly minimizes, the work pressure on the translation company.


Cloud computing gets rid of the capital expenses that come with the purchase of hardware and software. Additionally, it effectively runs on-site data centers, the 24-hour electricity for cooling and power, and the IT experts that would otherwise be needed to manage this infrastructure were it to be solely the preserve of your IT department.

A wide range of language options

Cloud computing gives the company an opportunity to translate into a wide range of languages. Unlike a localized data center that has limited language options, internet translation is a reality in almost all major languages across the planet.

High Degree of Accuracy

Cloud Service Providers offer software as a service (Saas) meaning software applications such as translation software are offered on a rental basis to the translation company to achieve its translation objectives.

The good thing about this is that the service provider makes automatic software updates via a network connection thus ensuring the users are abreast with the latest versions of the software.

This ensures the online translation software are designed and continually tested and upgraded to deliver a higher degree of accuracy in your translations.


Cloud computing makes it easy to store and recover data even after a disaster strikes your corporate data center. The reason here is that data can be reflected and retrieved from multiple redundant sites in the cloud computing service provider’s network.

Enhanced Productivity

On-site data centers often require a lot of hardware to be set up and software patching. All these are time-consuming to the translation company’s IT department. Cloud Computing eliminates the need for these and other related tasks leaving the IT team with more time and energy to focus on other more important business goals.

These are not the only advantages of cloud computing in the translation industry but they suffice to highlight the need to apply this technology to your translation company.

While relying on this technology, cloud translation platform offers the translation industry and the public a very broad, reliable and safe language translation service which has the potential to improve the efficiency of the translation industry.

Scout around for a reliable cloud computing service provider and reap the benefits of this modern and efficient translation technology.

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