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Uses of Mini Slip Ring in Machines

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Actually, it’s in human nature that he wants to succeed and compete. Everything which was impossible in the past but now happening is just because of this nature of the human that he wants to achieve something.

If we go in history, there were no machines that could be operated electrically but then advancements happened and machines become automatic and electrical.

Nowadays every single machine has an electric assembly installed in it, and every component or assembly has a specific operation to perform. Slip rings are used in various machines to perform a specific task. If we go deeper into the slip ring, we’ll come across many types of slip ring, one of its most used types is Mini Slip Ring.

What is Mini Slip Ring?

Before we go for the definition of Mini Slip Ring, first we have to understand what slip ring is. So, it is a device which transfers electrical current or voltage from the stationary component of the machinery to the moving (rotatory) component.

A mini slip ring works the same as a general slip ring, the only difference between them is that a mini slip ring is smaller in size as its name suggests.

There are hundreds of devices present nowadays, in which we need to transfer the electric power between the stationary and rotatory part. We can’t perform this operation by just a set of wires because rotation may affect the structure of wires.

So, we need a special device for this, right? This special device is a mini slip ring. The mini slip ring is also called Miniature slip ring.

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Mini Slip Ring Function:

A mini or miniature slip ring is used for machinery where small size slip ring is required. It’s small size and high performance makes it ideal for conditions where there is less space present to install this device.

You can get this type of slip rings in a different range of diameter, length, and a number of ring circuits. The standard range is OD 5.9mm to 12.5mm and 2 to 4 rings.

How does Mini slip ring work?

There are two basic parts of a simple slip ring

  • Stationary/Static Part (Does not move)
  • Rotatory/Moving Part (Move in a circular manner)

Stationary or Static part of the slip ring is made up of graphite material and the moving or rotating part is usually metallic. Now, if we talk about the mini slip ring, the basic structure is the same as simple slip ring but the mini slip ring is smaller in size as compared to other slip rings.

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When the rotation initiates, the metallic ring will start rotating and come in contact with the stationary part during the turnings. The moment it connects with stationary graphite, it will get signals from this static component. As a result, the transmission of electric power occurs between these two important parts of the slip ring.

Uses of the Mini slip ring:

There are plenty of uses of mini slip ring present in our daily life applications. Some important uses are as follows:

Radar And Navigation System:– This type of slip ring is used in applications where radar systems are involved. The movement of radar can cause the breakage of assembly of wires. So, we need slip rings to perform operations in radar and navigation assembly.

Step-Motors:– Step motors usually have this type of slip ring present in it. Now, what is step motor? This type of motor is used in robotic movement i.e. robot arms etc.

Car wash components:– Mini slip rings are used in apparatus used for car washing purpose. The brushes require rotatory movement which is only possible if we install a slip ring in the machine.

These were some most important uses. Apart from them, there are various small applications present in the industry where slip rings are significantly used.

Best Models of Mini Slip Ring:

We’ve compiled a list of some best models along with their manufacturers. We’ve also highlighted the specifications of mini slip rings.

Sen ring M series Mini slip ring:– Their slip rings are best where transmission of video signals is required. For example drones and light cameras etc.

Pan link PSR-Ms:– These slip rings have contacts made up of precious metals like gold. Their circuit configuration ranges around 6, 8 and 12 circuit.

Moflon MMC Series:- Moflon slip rings also have gold contacts so that slip ring can be operated in a stable manner. You can get all the information related to specs and configuration from their official website.

Important Key Features to choose the best Mini Slip Ring:

If you go into the market for buying your desired slip ring, you should keep these things in mind to get the best device according to your needs.

  • If your device in which you’re about to install a slip ring is operational in the outdoor environment, make a point to buy a waterproof slip ring. We’ve seen that most operators ignore this condition and get themselves in serious trouble. Make sure to check your environmental conditions before buying a slip ring.
  • Always check the material and number of circuits before buying a right slip ring. Companies are manufacturing series of mini slip rings having different sizes, lengths, and material. Consult your technician first, and then go further.
  • High altitude operations have different sort of slip rings. So, always specify your vendor about the altitude of your operational area. This condition doesn’t usually matters a lot but still has an important impact on the overall working.
  • If your machines require high rotation speed, then consult your vendor about the RPM requirement of your machine. If it’s requiring low rotation speed, then buy a mini slip ring with low RPM.

Manufacturers are designing various types of a mini slip ring. Every design work best in a specific condition. That’s why; you must have proper know-how about your needs. Your temperature conditions, rotation speed and number of circuits are important factors when it comes to choosing a slip ring.

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