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Google Slides Vs. Powerpoint (Presentation Software)

Over 30 years now, the PowerPoint has been the savior presentation software of every perfectly ready presentation to the last minute presentations. But things don’t always remain the constant in this advancing world, and the Google’s suit is almost chasing down all the popular software out there that once had constant place in every business.

Well, this time it’s Google PowerPoint mostly known as the Google slides that has been introduced a few years ago but is seen steadily pacing up its speed.

Today, we see both the software being widely and equally used across the globe, but when considered what suits best for our needs, the battle begins. These two tools seem to be complete rivals targeting completely different audiences. So, here are few criteria we can judge their performance on and decide what suits our presentation better.

Let’s get started.

1. What does it costs?

Most products in Google’s suit are completely free to use, and so is Google slides. All you need is a Google account

On the other hand, the PowerPoint is a product from Microsoft Office, therefore you will need a license for Microsoft Office and the package costs $70 annually including OneDrive storage or $150 one-time charge without the OneDrive support.

2. How easily can it be accessed?

Well, talking about Google slides, it doesn’t require any software installation. All you need is a Google account and internet to get going with you presentation.

While the on the other side of the trench, PowerPoint requires installation of Microsoft Office on your PC, and the presentations can’t be accessed online without OneDrive’s support.

3. How well they perform online and offline?

Google slides are designed for flexible offline and online working modes. This cloud-based software works uninterruptedly even without the internet.

The PowerPoint’s online version comes with fewer features, while the offline version doesn’t require internet to let the users make use of big diversity of effects, animation and stuff to create amazing presentations.

4. What it facilitates in the sense of backup and storage?

Google slides saves all your data on the google Drive storage with a period of every 5-10 minutes, so you don’t go ctrl+s (Save) all the time, it does all automatically. It also provides a history review.

Unless you have the latest version of PowerPoint that is PowerPoint 2016, you will not have your work saved automatically. The latest version gives you the AutoRecover option that recovers your work in case of any unexpected crashes.

5. What Conversion/Export options you get?

The Google slides can be easily converted to PowerPoint file and when exporting you are available with the following options: .odp, .pdf, .pptx., .txt, .jpg,. svg, png.

Powerpoint also supports variety of export formats like .ppt, .pot, .pdf, .potx, .pps, .ppsx, .potm, .pptx, .ppsm, .pptm and for image file format you are available with the .jpeg, .tiff, .png, .gif, or .bmp.

6. Which provides you with better collaboration?

When you consider working with your team on a presentation, then here is what software you can rely on.

Google Slides provides you with the seamless collaboration with your team on a presentation. It enables you with making comments, edits and chat when creating a presentation.

The aspect that makes it more reliable for collaboration is that the changes made can be viewed instantly by other team members and the older versions of the presentation can also be restored.

Talking about the collaboration in PowerPoint, it is not always possible, except on latest version. If you and your team are keen on collaborating when creating a presentation on PowerPoint, the PowerPoint 2010, and later versions will meet you the requirement.

The later versions incorporate the OneDrive, where the team saves the template in the storage. Instant collaboration cannot be expected when using PowerPoint. Another option you get is to use the PowerPoint Online.

7. What other features do you get?

When it comes to other features like ready-made templates, both the rivals are equally competitive, but when it comes to effects, the PowerPoint makes a lead with customized options of animations and effects.

Both tools also allows the embedding of videos for free. When it comes to browsing the images online, both software programs provide convenient browsing of images.

The another aspect where Google slides hedges over PowerPoint is that Google Slides provides you with numerous fancy fonts to use, where as the later one allows using only the local installed fonts.

Final Word:

The competition between them seems tough and really high. Both the softwares have their own favorable and unfavorable aspects.

Google slides is user-friendly, multifunctional product where as the PowerPoint is advanced product with lots of integrated features.

At the end of the say, all you can do is choose the personal winner weighing your priorities and determining what your presentation demands and requires.

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Paschal Okafor is NaijaTechGuide Team Lead. The article Google Slides Vs. Powerpoint (Presentation Software) was written by Manoar Molla. The article was last modified: October 12th, 2020
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