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Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular presentation tool nowadays. With more than 30 years of existence, PowerPoint literally holds a monopoly with more than 2 billion deployments.

The simple features of PowerPoint are what makes it so popular amongst presentation enthusiasts and business users. The dominance in the presentation space maintained by the Microsoft PowerPoint remains un-shattered.

But even though PowerPoint is a wonderful tool, in order to create state of the art visual presentations, users need to have designs skills, and enough experience dealing with images, vectors, fonts and colors. The default absence of good design practices, lack of engaging content and no dominance of visual content are making presentations dull and not so interesting.

Many organizations (from large corporations to small start-ups) have within their sales and marketing materials tons of PowerPoint presentations.

Conferences, sales pitches, strategy sessions, business review meetings, project review sessions, etc. all make heavy use of presentations.

PowerPoint is an absolute presentation package which can help you deliver a presentation to an audience of any type, but using it as an amateur will end up in a horrible and non-engaging presentation.

Pre-defined Presentation Templates: The Professional Tool for Regular Users

PowerPoint as a presentation tools is great; but most presentations created with powerpoint follow the same “deadly” principle, white background and lists of bullets. If you open a presentation and in the first slide you spot a list of bullets, you know if is condemned to fail.

To avoid this pitfall, business users make use of PowerPoint templates, tailored to their niche, and crafted by professional designers.

SlideModel is a PowerPoint templates provider, generating an alternative to dull presentations and helping business users achieve visually appealing presentations. The professional designers at SlideModel understand that regular PowerPoint users often do not have expertise in the design practices.

Creating visual-rich presentations is difficult and it is valuable to consider presentation templates from this platform. SlideModel is your pick for boosting your next presentation with worthy visuals.

With 100% editable presentation templates, SlideModel delivers value to their users in each template. You can find themes that match your niche or topic and adapt them easily to your own content.

Just replacing placeholders you can take a template and create a TED talk level presentation deck. The themes are focused on business users, educational and design professionals. But nearly everyone can take benefit of the simple to use designs offered.

Major Benefits Offered by

SlideModel PowerPoint Template

If you are a regular presenter, you’d be delighted to know that the SlideModel platform offers several themed categories which will help you craft any kind of presentation material. Picking the best design for your slides is as far as a search on the homepage.

Look for the keywords that represent your message, and browser the suggested templates for your presentation. You can choose from fully themed presentations to very specific designs in a single slide to be added to your existing presentation.

In the following section, we will describe some pros and cons of the platform.

Easy to Customize by Every User

The designer’s team of SlideModel not only focus on designs best practices,  but also they take into account the usability of the templates to non-designers end users. Every template can be customized with the simple PowerPoint themes features.

The content is implemented as placeholders, so users can just replace it with their own version. Shapes are created as vectors, so they adapt to the theme and palette selected by the user.

You can add or remove the element as you like or edit their distribution and alignment. You can even change the colour theme while keeping a constant & pixel-perfect design. Rejuvenate the creativity in you and produce the best of presentation in no time.

Ideal for Corporate Environments

The content team at constantly makes sure there are plenty of slides options for enthusiasts of every domain. It doesn’t matter if you want presentation slide support for your corporate presentations or you want to aid your college project presentation, SlideModel has the right template for everybody.

If the template is not available in the content catalog, you can suggest it via their Support Center. An unparalleled support through high-quality graphics, editable maps, templates and more have been given for all.

For corporate business employees, using pre-designed PowerPoint templates can leverage the possibilities. Be it for convincing a group of investors, or to explain your project roadmap, a professionally developed layout will provide a more engaging presentation without the burden of hours of design.

PowerPoint Presentation Templates from SlideModel

Creating impactful presentations, and gainings the audience attention is easy with SlideModel templates. You can include images, videos and 3D Objects to your presentation, just selecting from the catalog.

Graphical Flexibility:

With SlideModel, you can choose from a wide variety of vectors, shapes and diagrams to empower your presentation. Forget about Clipart, and include in your presentation modern icons to map your message metaphor.

Decorate your tables and charts with themed shapes that help the audience understand in a better way what they are seeing. Every shape is not only customizable but also flexible to be edited piece by piece.

Each shape is created as a composite of PowerPoint objects, providing full fledge of customization. Forget about locked PNG’s or JPEG’s images you can only use in one presentation.

Impressing an audience is what, a PowerPoint presentation is all about. Applying best practices of design to your visuals is just a matter of search and click at SlideModel.

From country flags, medical shapes, cartoon scenes to a flying balloon, labyrinth head concept type shapes, everything is available at the platform. The unparalleled support for data and charts has been provided which can help the user break the ordinary and complex data into something meaningful and grasping.

Around The Clock Compatibility:

SlideModel is highly compatible with all major presentation software brands (Google Slides, Apple Keynote, Open Office,etc.) You can leverage the power of cloud software as Google Slides with the designs of SlideModel in a few clicks.

The platform seamlessly integrates the cloud storage allowing direct import from SlideModel to Google Slides.


If you are really committed to deliver professional presentations, crafted as artworks, you just need to subscribe to SlideModel and explore a world of pixel perfect presentations.

The platform offering is based on subscriptions based on a user’s customized requirement and tailored into different tiers. You can get access to the pool of awesome presentation templates for just one time. You can even unlock an unlimited access with the superior subscription.

The site is easy to use. Literally, in a few seconds, anyone can find the platform pretty useful and can equip their presentations with a competitive as well as innovative edge.

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