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Wine Gadgets Every Household Should Have

Wine Gadgets Every Household Should Have
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If you are one of the 30% of Nigerians who enjoy a glass of wine regularly, it is worth investing in some new gadgets that can help keep your wine fresh and cool, making it a luxury experience.

From the practicalities of opening even the most awkward bottle, to deciding what to pair it with, let the tech do the work for you.

Alexa for Wine Pairing

Pairing a glass of wine with the right food makes for a great partnership. Commonly, we might pair red wine with dark meat, and white wine with fish or fresh vegetables.

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However there is more to it than this. Wines have different flavor profiles that depend on the season and the variety of grapes. This is what can make a wine taste fruity, or chocolatey, or have hints of citrus, mango and spice.

Rather than leaving your wine pairing to chance, Alexa’s Wine Finder app can now help you to choose a variety of wine that is perfect for your meal.

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Whether it is a deep, fruity, Malbec with a hearty afang soup, or a fresh Sauvignon Blanc to go with suya, there is an extensive database of more than 500 pairings.

It is especially handy if you are having guests over for dinner and want to impress with your sommelier knowledge.

Cordless Wine Opener

If you have ever broken off a cork inside a wine bottle, or have had difficulty breaking the seal, then you’re not alone. Don’t worry there is a gadget that can take care of this for you, with minimum effort.

A cordless wine opener is completely rechargeable and can open up to 30 bottles of wine with each charge. Oster and Cuisinart are two great makes that you can buy online – all you need to do is dispose of the cork and empty bottle when you are done.

They come with a NIMH battery pack, rechargeable base and a foil cutter, and weigh in at less than 0.5 kg. A must-have stylish and foolproof gadget for your modern kitchen.

Rapid Wine Cooler

The hot and dry temperatures in Nigeria means that it can often get to 40 degrees Celsius. This is not the ideal temperature for getting your bottle of Chardonnay cool.

If you are having a party and are in a hurry to get your wine ice cold, then it is well worth investing in a rapid wine cooler, like those made by Cooper, or Vacu Vin.

Both options come with an automatic touchpad, complete with preset times for different varieties of wine. The wine cooler lid is removable incase of long bottles and there is a no-spin option for fragile or vintage bottles.

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These can get your wine down to the optimum temperature in only a few minutes – far quicker than the fridge in your kitchen. At only 16 inches wide, a wine cooler won’t take up too much space on your work surface.

If you enjoy a glass of wine, then why not make it easier to drink the perfect glass? The latest kitchen gadgets mean that you can enjoy your favorite vintage, quickly and at an optimum temperature.

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