3 Must-have Free to Play Gaming Apps

3 Must-have Free-to-play Gaming Apps
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Mobile gaming experiences a revolution due to the accessibility of advanced graphics processing units and 4G broadband coverage.

Free-to-play gaming applications became one of the most popular on-the-go entertainment. Let’s take a look at the most successful and qualitative franchises that were prepared by Freepps.top.

Fortnite Battle Royale

It wasn’t surprising when the review of the Fortnite app at Freepps.top became the most viewed page in several days after submission.

This title reached an unbelievable milestone of 200+ million of players and became the most played free-to-play project in the history of video games. Today, it’s available for PC, consoles, and mobile devices as well.

Originally, Fortnite was an uncomplicated PvE game in which you could build forts to protect yourself from zombies.

It didn’t manage to become popular, so Epic Games decided to add a Battle Royale multiplayer mode with tons of frequently updated weapons, skins, and other functional items.

The whole gameplay of the Battle Royale is completely similar to the PvE mode, but it requires much more concentration as you must protect yourself from other players.

Each multiplayer session is a kill-them-all battlefield that collides 100 players on a procedurally generated terrain. It means that there are no repetitive worlds and scenarios.

Clash of Clans

This game doesn’t have much in common with Fortnite. It’s an RTS (real time strategy)  game with tower-defense and farming gameplay elements. Finnish studio Supercell made a revolution in this niche genre and made it exciting almost for everyone.

All users play for leaders of tribes that struggles to conquer as many resources and territories as possible. The primary objective is to create a steady settlement that is able to produce resources and develop its facilities.

The most advanced towns can get into the top chart of clans and challenge other factions. There are 3 basic types of buildings, such as military fortifications, production centers, and municipal houses.

There is no instruction to reach the highest efficiency of the town. Every player should come up with individual development plans and try to resist other competitive neighbors.


This card battle game by Activision Blizzard was released in 2013 and hasn’t lost the supremacy in the genre since then. The basics of the game are so simple that you can catch them in a couple of minutes.

Don’t let it fool you with simplicity, though. As soon as you meet your first rival online, you get the idea that you are required to think over every next move to avoid fails.

You have a deck of cards with Warcraft heroes and creatures. They all have specific attack power, defense points, and perks. Your mission is to come up with the most effective combinations to beat all enemy units and the king card to win.

It’s a very generous free-to-play franchise. You can either buy new cards to expand your battling opportunities or just wait a bit and collect upgrades from free booster packs that get released rather frequently. Choose your way and enjoy endless matches with other players and multiple single-player campaigns.

The Bottom Line

These games proved to be exciting enough to hold the attention of tens of millions of gamers worldwide for years. Mobile multiplayer franchises are about to conquer the market of video games in the coming years. They provide competitive spirit and endless scenarios that attract multi-million audiences.

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