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Smart Home Gadgets To Help Combat Mold-Related Allergies

Smart technology is taking the world by storm, with up to 40.5% of households in the USA expected to embrace smart technology by 2021. Smart home gadgets are also becoming increasingly popular among tech-savvy Nigerians, who are utilizing the tech not only to render their houses safer, but to make sure they’re healthier as well.

Due to the country’s soaring temperatures and very high humidity levels,  mold is a common occurrence in homes. In fact, the climate favors allergy-triggering mold growth so much that the WHO estimates that up to 25% of dwelling will harbor some sort of mold growth.

Thankfully, the allergic reactions brought on by household mold can significantly be decreased, thanks to the innovative technology of a number of very smart gadgets.

Avoid allergy attacks with AlerSense

Household mold can trigger a range of allergic reactions, ranging from itching and sneezing to watering eyes and respiratory distress. Thanks to the remarkable insight of the AlerSense, it is now possible to prevent potentially-dangerous allergic reactions before they occur.

The modern, honeycomb-shaped monitor is Wi-Fi enabled, and comes equipped with four sensors to measure temperature, air quality, particles and humidity. The smart device compiles the air quality data it collects with both AI and specific user input to learn and forewarn allergy sufferers of potentially-harmful conditions.

As far as household mold is concerned, the AlerSense can help combat it by continuously analyzing various aspects of the air. After the analysis has been completed, the system will alert the homeowner of humid conditions that are typically conducive to mold growth, as well as the presence of mold spores in the air.

Keep pollutants at bay with a Keen Home Smart Vent System

The poor air quality associated with household mold has already been identified as the trigger for multiple allergic reactions. One of the most efficient ways to ensure optimal air quality is to prevent harmful pollutants from entering and circulating through the home.

Nigerian homes equipped with air conditioners can benefit greatly from the Wi-Fi-enabled Keen Smart Home Vent System that will do just that. The system allows homeowners to fine-tune the AC’s regular temperature, humidity and airflow settings, which can help prevent mold build-up due to excess moisture.

The vent can also be fitted with antimicrobial, electrostatic smart filters that will effectually destroy mold spores, dust mites, pet dander and other germs that can trigger respiratory distress.

Even a basic humidity sensor can be beneficial

Keeping a close eye on both the temperature and humidity levels in your home can prove to be very beneficial. Apart from keeping your family and pets healthy, a smart device such as the Temp Stick Wireless Temperature Sensor can also save you thousands of Naira on mold removal and related repairs.

The Temp Stick can be installed anywhere in the house, and will provide the user with detailed reports via a Wi-Fi connection. The companion application will provide a real-time temperature and humidity overview, which will allow the user to set various personal thresholds.

Other respectable smart humidity sensors worth considering include the SensorPush Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer and the iHome iSS50 5-in-1 Smartmonitor.


Undetected and unaddressed household mold can cause serious health concerns. Luckily there is a range of smart devices that makes it increasingly easier to keep your home pollutant-free.

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