4 Signs That You Need To Change Your Motorcycle Battery

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People who own a motorcycle need not be reminded about how important it is to them. For those who use it on a regular basis, it is important that their motorcycle stays in its best shape.

While the hundreds of different models have several unique maintenance requirements, one thing common amongst all motorcycles is the maintenance of the battery.

The motorcycle battery is the most important component of your ride. Stats suggest that the global battery market is about $50 Billion US.

So, if you want to keep riding smoothly, without encountering any problems, the battery needs to be functioning fully. You need to change the battery on a routine basis after every several years. If you have difficulty in understanding when you need to change it, you should keep an eye out for any of these signs:

1. It is taking Longer to Start

A prime indication that you need to replace your motorcycle battery is that it takes longer for it to start than it used to.

If you have to turn your key in ignition several times before your motorcycle finally starts, it means that there is a problem with the electricity being supplied to your motorcycle which directly points to the battery being damaged in some way.

As your old battery declines, it will only become harder for you to get your ride going and it might even stop in the middle of the road. If you are looking for something like this, Motobatt is the perfect place.

2. The Horn and Headlights are Fading

The horn and lights are extremely important components of the motorcycle. If they are not working properly, you might be at the risk of an accident on the road as these tools allow you to effectively alert other drivers on the road to your presence.

A telltale sign that your ride’s battery is failing could be that the lights and horn are beginning to fade. You will be able to notice that the headlights are not as bright or covering as much range as they used to.

Similarly, the volume of the sound will become quite low. When you notice these things, get your battery checked and replaced if need be.

3. Uncertain Multimeter Readings

Multimeter tool is used to test battery power and make it easier to detect a fault with the battery. It is advisable that all people with a motorcycle invest in these tools. If you don’t want to, make sure that you get your motorcycle battery checked at a repair shop once a while. Especially if the battery has been in use for a long time.

When a multimeter tool is used to check the battery, any uncertain readings obtained from it is a sign of a faulty battery. Generally, any reading that results in less than 12 volts (the normal reading of a functional battery) is an indicator of a faulty battery.

4. The Battery is very Old

The biggest indicator of your motorcycle’s battery needing replacement is that you don’t remember the time you bought the one currently in use. Normally, a good-quality battery lasts for about four years, but it varies greatly depending on the frequency with which you use the motorcycle or the way you maintain it.

As a general rule of thumb, it is a good idea to replace your battery after a long period of time, especially after four years or longer. This will save you the problems that a faulty battery can cause to your ride.

Over to you…

In case you notice even one of these signs, you should immediately get your battery changed in order to avoid any damage to your motorcycle and avoid potential accidents because of the various parts malfunctioning on the road.

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