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Top Bitcoin Exchanges you should Know in Nigeria

This insightful article will explain the four best cryptocurrency exchanges where you can buy bitcoin in Nigeria. Since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, it has grown to become one of the most profitable investments anyone can consider.

Since 2009, bitcoin has recorded an ROI of 9000% yearly, and there are chances it will do better. This ROI gotten from Bitcoin Investment is way higher than what you can expect from any other form of investment.

However, the major challenge every crypto newbie faces is finding a trusted platform to buy bitcoin. This article’s focus is to give you insight into some of the most reputable bitcoin exchanges out there.

A Brief Overview of what Cryptocurrency Exchanges are

Exchanges are platforms or companies that make cryptocurrency exchange and transactions against fiat currencies as well as other cryptocurrencies easier. Some exchanges can be P2P (Peer-to-peer), some can be trading platforms, while some can simply be brokers.

The growth and popularity of cryptocurrency have made us seen more exchange platforms as the years go by.

Examples of Peer-to-peer exchange platforms

Examples of trading platforms

  • Delta Exchange
  • Quidax

Examples of brokers

  • NairaEX
  • Blockvila

Examples of exchanges that combine all of these services

  • Binance
  • IO

One common feature of all centralized exchanges is “registration”. Before you can use any of these platforms, you must register and a bitcoin wallet address is automatically created for you. You can easily add funds to your wallet using any payment method supported by the chosen exchange platform.

It is essential to add that there are different scams conducted on cryptocurrency exchange platforms. This article will highlight the best four exchanges to buy BTC in Nigeria and trade cryptocurrency to avoid being scammed.

Before starting your trading and investment journey on any of the exchanges listed below, here are some risks of bitcoin investing you should know about.


Source: remitano.com

Remitano is a reputable exchange that has been serving millions of traders since 2016. It is currently accessible to traders in Nigeria and over fifty countries around the globe. You can buy bitcoin with Naira on remitano on your first visit to the exchange directly from your bank account.

The user interface is intuitive and easy to use. The platform offers simple ways to buy bitcoin that are typical to Nigeria to make it easy for Nigerians. Bitcoin transfers are allowed for users to buy BTC from traders without worrying about scammers because Remitano provides a full-proof escrow service.

Remitano offers other services apart from buying and selling bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Remitan swap allows you to instantly swap one cryptocurrency to another.

Remitano Invest helps you invest your crypto assets in a way that you will gain maximum profit and minimize your loss. Remitano supports the trading of Bitcoin and many other altcoins, including Litecoin LTC, Ethereum ETH, and Bitcoin Cash BCH.

Remitano also has a unique feature called the international cash-out that allows users across the world to send and receive funds in their local currencies from anywhere in the world. For instance, Nigerians can receive money in Naira from someone in Malaysia without both the sender and the receiver having to leave the comfort of their homes.

Delta Exchange

Delta Exchange
Source: LinkedIn

Delta exchange is an online cryptocurrency exchange platform from Saint Vincent and Grenadines. It is an innovative platform that allows easy and simplified ways to trade coins, most especially bitcoin and Altcoin. It allows users from almost all parts of the world.

An important feature it has is that it allows users to trade anonymously. It is safe, fast, reliable, and secure. It offers an easy-to-use interface and so many options to limits losses.

Delta exchanges offer a very low exchange fee for its users. Whenever you want to change your Bitcoin to Rand, it only collects a withdrawer fee of 0.00043 BTC, a taker fee of 0.075%, and a maker fee of -0.025%.


Another amazing platform you can use in Nigeria and other African countries for buying bitcoin is Bitpesa. This platform is available to users in some African countries like Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda.

Being an online payment platform that focuses on the main African Markets, BitPesa allows its users to accomplish two main tasks. The first being the ability to easily send and collect business payments between Africa and other parts of the world. The second has to do with its ability to receive trades online and execute them within minutes.


Binance is one of the best trading platforms in Nigeria and across the globe. The platform was founded in China, and it supports the trading of 500+ pairs of cryptocurrency. Aside from crypto trading, Binance also offer different services. The platform was launched in 2017. Since then, it has been serving Nigeria and the entire globe except for some 13 states in the USA.

Binance Chart
Source: Twitter

The services offered by Binance include Margin Trading, Trust wallets, Exchanges, and Crypto trading. Binance makes it easy to purchase Bitcoin in Nigeria because the platform supports payment from your local bank and your Naira Debit card. You can use over 100 cryptocurrencies on the platform (the top 100 platforms inclusive).

Which of the Crypto exchanges do you think is best for you?

This article has listed the top-recommended cryptocurrency exchanges you can use to buy bitcoin in Nigeria. As stated in the article, these exchanges have their unique specialties and peculiarities.

This means the ball is in your court. You are in the best position to make decisions for yourself. The type of transaction to be executed should determine which platform is the best for you.


The adoption of cryptocurrency in Nigeria is on the rise, and people are finding secure means to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The exchanges mentioned in this article have made the process easy for Nigerians and crypto enthusiasts across Africa.

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