How to Remove Bike Pedals without a Pedal Wrench

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Most people know that you need a pedal wrench to remove the pedals anytime you want. Also, it’s an excellent way to remove the pedal and fast. Few people know it’s also possible to remove the people without the pedal wrench.

For that, we have gathers all the information relating to the removal of the pedal without the pedal wrench. It’s not hard at all to remove without the wrench.

Here we are going to explore the steps to follow to remove the pedal without the wrench. There reasons why you will need to remove the pedal of which we have discussed below for you.

First Step: Know the Size of your Pedal

To open the pedal, you have to find the pedal’s size that suits the wrench that you will be using. Remember, you cannot use bare hands to remove the pedal. Without the pedal wrench, the next option for you is to use the ordinary wrenches now.

The wrench comes n different sizes. To suit your bike pedal, it has to be of a certain size. The standard 15 mm open and end wrench will do to open the pedal off the bike. Ensure the pedal has a wrench flat on the spindle to attach easily to remove.

For the bike that does not have the wrench flat compatible with the 15mm wrench, we will have to go for the 8 mm Allen bit.

Second Step: Start Working on Removing the Pedal

Having found the standard wrench to use, you have everything you need to get the pedal off fast. Locate the spindle and put the wrench directly on it, and turn. Before anything, you should have noticed that the wrench hangs on the spindle on its own.

Move the pedal backward and make the handle of the wrench be parallel to the ground. With all the process going on, make sure the bike is in a steady position.

Third Step: Exert Leverage on the Bike

At this point, it’s good to have much leverage on the bike. This is achieved when you put one foot on the pedal while the other on the ground. It should seem like you are about to ride the bike as usual.

The food ball should be on the pedal while the heel rests on the rest of the wrench. After this move, you should step your foot down and put pressure directly on the wrench itself.

It will help if you put as much pressure on the wrench. It will move underneath your food eventually and loosen the pedal as the movement continue. Apply continual movement where you apply equal weight on the pedal and wrench to balance the wrench and avoid loosening it from the spindle.

Fourth Step: Remove your Pedals

This step is to remove the pedals. The movement should be enough to remove the pedals. You may have to take the wrench and make a quick lessening move with your hand at the end.

You twist the bike pedal counterclockwise until the screws are all loosened and get off. Repeat the right movement you have done on one pedal on the other side of the bikes continuously until the pedal is all removed.

Fifth Step: What to do if the Pedals still do not get off

There are cases that the pedals that do not come off after several removal movements. They are still as tight as it was. This situation means that your pedal has been threaded reversely.

In this case, you will not go the usual right too tight and left to loosen. You may have to do the opposite and go from right to loosen and left to tighten movement. This movement is to help solve the problem in the case of the reverse thread.

In most cases, you will find that the right pedal is threaded normally while the left pedal is reversed.

Why you need to Remove the Pedals

Removing the pedals is not really what you do every day. It’s something that is triggered by something else. There are several factors that mm makes one remove the bike pedal. Let’s list some of them for you.

  • Broken pedals. It sometimes happens that your pedal braked while in use and needs to be replaced with a new one.
  • Change in style. This is also another reason to replace your bike pedals. Each time there are new pedals available, and changing the one you are using is sometimes inevitable. This need to change your old pedals to a new style requires you to remove the previous pedals first.
  • Pedal upgrade. The pedal upgrade is there after a long time of pedal use. You will have to change your pedal in the future after., Some are due to uncomfortable feeling using the bike and when it’s worn out.

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