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5G is the next generation of cellular wireless technology, a step ahead of the currently in use 4G LTE. It offers much faster speed, lower latency, and more capacity than current generation of cellular networks.

In this section, you will get loads of information about 5G and devices that support 5G mobile Networks.

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Vivo X51 5G

Vivo X51 5G Specs, Price and Best Deals

The Vivo X51 5G comes in as a reincarnation of the Vivo X50 5G's smartphone hardware, wrapped in the chassis bearing the same design,...
TCL 10 5G

TCL 10 5G Specs and Price

The TCL 10 5G is an upper mid-range smartphone with great display size and also a fast 5G network. The handset packs a sizeable...
Best 5G Phones

Best 5G Phones – Specs, Price, Availability

5G is here. While 4G Phones are now widely available, the imminent upgrades of mobile networks from 4G to 5G will require upgrades in...
5G in your City

What is 5G – The Future of Mobile Broadband

A lot of people are talking excitedly about how 5G is going to revolutionise mobile connectivity. There are equally a few people skeptical of...