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Accounting is all about keeping financial records of transactions in a business or between parties. This section of NaijaTechGuide discusses technologies behind accounting, most notably Accounting Software, Artificial Intelligence, and Business and build this technologies.

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Financing a Side Hustle, A Beginner’s Guide

Financing a Side Hustle, A Beginner’s Guide

Side hustling is a way of life in West Africa, with many people doing a little work on the side in addition to their day job to earn extra money. Whether you are driving a taxi after-hours to make ends meet, or making money from a passion like blogging, making clothes or hairdressing, you need to treat your side hustle as a proper business. Perhaps you hope to turn your side hustle into a full-time job one day, or maybe you simply want to continue making money from something you love doing. Either way, you’ll need to think about managing the...
Business Accounting Software

Tax Year-End 2021: Is your Company Compliant?

As the end of the tax year looms in Nigeria and Ghana, companies should ensure they comply fully with the laws and regulations around collection of pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) tax. That’s according to Abiola Adegbite, Sales Lead: Midmarket and Enterprise West Africa at Sage, who says the tax landscape in Nigeria and Ghana is evolving at a rapid pace. The respective tax authorities are seeking to plug revenue leakages and to expand their tax base by taking a firm line on non-compliance. “Governments in both countries are under pressure to increase infrastructure investment and spending on social services – goals they cannot...
Accounting Technology Trends

Top 10 Accounting Technology Trends for 2023

Technology is considered to be the number one solution for all your business operations to obtain the best results. Better communication with customers, the efficiency of services, and security are some of the many benefits of technology to your firm. Technology will provide you the solution for your time management, communication and collaboration, and labor shortages. Thus, take a look at this list of top 10 accounting tech trends for 2023. Videos for Better Promotion In the competitive world nowadays, firms and other businesses have to find the best ways to promote their brands with their products and services to gain more profit....

Attracting and Retaining the Accountants of the Future

With job growth expected in the professional services industry, accounting practices are under pressure to compete in the war for talent, working hard to attract new, top-notch professionals - and also to keep their current employees, a charge that’s proven difficult Indicative of the new wave of opportunity in the industry, professional services such as accounting ranked among the highest in terms of staff turnover in 2017, according to an examination of LinkedIn data drawn from the site’s half-a-billion international users. As fear of a talent shortage looms, employing the right people with the right mix of skills, and providing...
Best Online Accounting Software for Businesses 2018

Accounting 3.0: Adapt to Grow – the Changing Role of the...

Businesses today want more from their accountants. Business strategy, growth planning and future vertical industry trends are all areas that accountants are being expected to input on with knowledge and confidence. Sage’s own Practice of Now 2018 report found that 83 per cent of clients are demanding more today from accountants than five years ago, while 42 per cent also expect their accountant to provide business strategy and advice. It’s likely that many accountants are managing this evolution with a mix of anticipation and trepidation. Beyond the Books With clear sight into a company's profits, losses and operational expenditure, accountants have a...
Financial Accounting New Technologies

West African Accountants: Are you Embracing new Technologies to better support...

Do you wish that you, as an accountant, had more time to spend building relationships with your clients and giving them business advice? In my discussions with practicing accountants, I often hear them say that they wish they could spend fewer hours balancing books, preparing reports and recording transactions, and more on adding strategic value to their clients’ businesses. The good news is that a new wave of technologies is automating many of the routine processes that once took up so much of your time. Big data, cloud computing, IoT, artificial intelligence are reinventing accounting across West Africa. Here are some...
Sage One Accounting

Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management Accelerates with Fast Start

Sage (FTSE: SGE), the market leader in cloud business management solutions, today unveiled at the Sage Enterprise Management Partner Summit in Seville, a new implementation methodology for Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management. Fast Start is designed to implement and deliver projects through the Sage partner channel in a timely and cost-effective manner, providing true value to customers who are looking to get up and running quickly and easily. Customers choosing Enterprise Management with Fast Start can be up and running within two months, helping to reduce initial costs through adopting a standard process and a pre-configured solution. They will also benefit...
Sage Business Cloud Financials Review| Features and Overview | Pricing

Sage Business Cloud Financials Review | Features and Overview | Pricing

Sage has a lot of business solutions for small businesses, and one of such is the Sage Business Cloud Financials option. The platform is promised to be one that would serve the modern businesses, and that is seen in the offering of cloud services. Does that make it enough for you to commit? Before you whip out your wallet on this piece of software, here is a detailed Sage Business Cloud Financials review to help you make a decision. What is Sage Business Cloud Financials? Sage – the parent company of all products that bear the branding on them – used to have...
Sage 50 Review 2018 (Peachtree) | Overview | Pricing and Features

Sage 50 Accounting Overview, Pricing, and Features

Like many others that have found themselves here, you must have also stumbled on the Sage 50 Accounting Software (formerly known as Peachtree Accounting Software) and needed more convincing before you started putting your money on their plans. Quite frankly, I think that is a great idea. For a platform that offers to do so much that it looks unreal, how do they really keep up to their promises? Are they a scam or are they legit? Whichever it is, you will find out at the end of this Sage 50 Review. What is Sage 50? The Sage 50 Accounting Software is...
Being an Effective Accountant

Dear Accountant, let the Bots take your Job

Bots are all the rage these days, promising a whole lot of automation and at the same creating fears of the possibility that they could lead to Job losses as companies seek more cost effective solutions. However, Sage’s Ed Kless (Senior Director, Sage Accountants), writes about why Accountants should let bots do some of their work. The article follows below: In the 1800s in Northern France, weaving machines were brought into textile factories, to perform a task that had been done manually for decades. Workers were not happy, believing the machines would take their jobs and kill their craft. In protest,...