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Copy Trading

Copy Trading: The Social Revolution in Forex Investments

In the ever-shifting world of foreign exchange (forex) investments, a seismic shift is underway, and it's a social revolution redefining how people participate in the currency market. Imagine a world where your path to trading mastery involves following the footsteps of seasoned experts, where every trade they make can be replicated with a simple click. This is the power of copy trading, where technology marries social collaboration to transform how forex trading is done. The article unveils how copy trading – the trading method democratising financial markets – is not just changing the game; it's rewriting the rulebook. Introduction to Copy...
Forex Broker

TopBrokers.com Updates Rating of Forex Brokers for 2023

Back when the Forex market was only emerging and broker companies were still few in number, traders faced no trouble in deciding which one would be the right one for them. Today novice traders appear to be perplexed at times: How to choose from dozens or even thousands of forex companies the exact one which will be suitable for them and that they can rely on. Quite a number of people looking to invest face the problem of deciding which broker to pick. When choosing, one should thoroughly research numerous aspects, including reliability, the regulation of the trading platform, and...
Trading Principles

What Principles Underlie Trading?

Due to the large volume of transactions on the Forex market, many investors have decided to invest their personal funds in trading. There is no need to hope that in the first days, trading will be able to bring impressive amounts. It all depends on training, understanding the market, the ability to analyze the situation, and observing the news agenda of the world's major economies. However, forex trade in Nigeria can give novice investors the opportunity to multiply their savings and not think about employment. Trading Basics The trader earns on the price difference. It sounds simple, but the financial market includes...
FreshForex Fast Withdrawal

FreshForex Invites you to Become a Local Depositor and Start Earning...

Local depositor service was introduced in FreshForex in 2020 and has been quite successful ever since. Having traders in countries such as RSA, Nigeria, Botswana, Malaysia, Indonesia and many others, this type of cooperation has become more than just an ordinary payment method, but a type of partnership with various possibilities and career prospects. Who is a Local depositor? Why do clients prefer Local depositor service? How do Local depositors earn in FreshForex? What’s the advantage of being a Local depositor of FreshForex? Who can become a Local depositor? How to become a...
Choosing a Smartphone for Traders

Choosing a Smartphone for Traders – Key Considerations

Different online brokers have different apps with varying degrees of sophistication and features. A reliable smartphone for online trading will be the one that can handle charts, your trading orders, allow you to view reports, without hanging or freezing, and has security features. Nigerian Stockbrokers such as Meristem Securities, Cardinalstone Securities, etc. all have their mobile first online trading platforms. Also popular forex brokers offer trading Apps like MetaTrader 4 & 5, which need a good smartphone to function well. If you have already bought a smartphone, and want to find out its specifications, check the settings to understand the specs of...
Index Trading

8 Best Indices Trading Strategies

If you are a novice trader, you may be wondering what indices are and how to trade them. Indices trading can be a great way to diversify your portfolio and potentially earn profits in any market condition. Indices trading reduces your risks by spreading your investments across many different securities. In this article, we will introduce you to the world of indices trading and share some of the best strategies for success. What is Indices Trading? Index trading is a very popular way to invest in the stock market. In index investing, you will buy and sell on an entire group of stocks...
Trading Platform

5 Things All Traders Must Check, When Choosing a Trading Platform

Many factors combine to determine the feasibility of a platform, such as its reliability, trading interface, reputation, fees, and other offered services. No matter how skillful you are as a trader, an inadequate trading platform can jeopardize your trading routine and harm your progress. Therefore, choosing the right trading platform is extremely important, so that one can participate in the financial markets safely. For example, Mt4 for pc or mobile is a reliable and well-known platform, popular among all kinds of traders thanks to its user-friendly design, various charting objects, order types, timeframes, and built-in indicators. Here, we have listed the...

BitStarMarkets Review – The Ease of Use

BitStarMarkets is a commission-free stock and exchange-traded fund (ETF) broker. It is often called one of the top trading platforms. Sounds quite promising, doesn't it? Have a closer look and see! Who is BitStarMarkets Designed For? BitStarMarkets was created for intermediate and advanced self-imployed investors and traders. Its commission-free structure is designed for short-term and active traders. The practical features and simple design of the BitStarMarkets first may look complicated for new users, yet the platform is easy to be learned. Good thing is that BitStarMarkets also provides fractional shares to its users. It allows even the smallest accounts to participate in...
Master Forex OctaFX

Mastering This Art Called Forex

"Master Forex”. I’m almost certain I have never heard these two words put together before. I mean, is this even a thing? One can attain mastery in a thing like...like forex trading? Hold that thought while I tell you a quick story. Picasso is casually sitting in a park. A woman, recognizing him, walks up to him and begs for a portrait of herself. Picasso is in a good mood so he agrees to. In a few really short minutes, he hands her the portrait. Completely awed and excited, she asks how much she owes him. “$5,000, ma’am”, replied Picasso. In wide-eyed...
Learn Forex Trading OctaFX

Making New Kings of Mastery

Let’s be honest, we do not adore those African traditional movies anymore. The ones where coronation ceremonies are held; where the king will be forced to drink one or two concoctions, perform some ritual rites and then finally sit on his throne and have people sing great songs to him. While some of us have stopped consuming that form of Nollywood entertainment, we forget that we live it everyday. We want to become kings and masters at our workplaces, or in businesses we manage, we want to have those skills that make us “boss”. So, we perform the rites needed...