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Flat Top Laser Beam Shapers

Flat Top Laser Beam Shapers

A Flat Top laser beam can be described by a zone in which the irradiance, or radiance, is constant, quickly followed by a sharp fall to zero level at the edges of the zone. Thus, the energy of the Flat Top laser, when it comes to a focus, is said to be confined to a specific area. This radiative behaviour is optimal for almost all industrial processes involving a laser. For instance, a surgeon using a laser to treat human tissue needs to limit the affected area as much as possible. The same applies for materials processing with lasers where...
Technology Innovated The World Of Logistics

How Technology Innovated the World of Logistics

The logistics industry is a huge market that’s worth trillions internationally, impacting a broad range of economic sectors from high technology and manufacturing to e-commerce and retail. When old systems start shifting to meet the needs of the Internet age, logicians, investors, and entrepreneurs reach to understand how innovation begins to change the business.  Here are four proofs on how technology innovated the world of logistics. Robotics Unlike automated machinery, robotics is mainly designed to run a number of jobs simultaneously, rendering their implementations practically infinite within the industry of logistics. This is particularly the case for e-commerce services, which carry a higher...
Tech Innovations

3 Tech Innovations that Will Transform the Workplace

If you didn’t know it yet: we’re living in the future. What we once saw in movies only, are now part of our everyday lives. But with so much innovation going on, it’s easy to fall behind. While you’re still struggling with certain tasks at work, new gadgets that can solve those problems may already be available. So, let’s get you up to speed. We listed three interesting inventions you may not have heard of. Let’s see how much easier we can make life for you. AI for Faster, Better Outcomes: Think of any department in your organization and chances are that AI...
scroll pump

What is a Scroll Pump, and How do they Work?

A scroll pump, also known as a scroll vacuum pump or scroll compressor, is a compressor that incorporates a unique design and runs in a circular motion, instead of an up-and-down piston action. Its use is becoming more prevalent in HVAC systems because it provides more efficiency and reliability compared to other reciprocating types. Moreover, integrated into a scroll pump is an orbiting scroll which rotates through using a swing link and one scroll that remains motionless. Whenever this happens, the refrigerant pockets positioned between the two scrolls get pushed gradually towards the two scrolls’ center hence reducing the volume...
PCB - Printed Circuit Board

Difference Between Rigid PCB and Flexible PCB

PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board. It is a thin fiberglass board made to guide the movement of electrical current through laminated copper sheets. It is used in almost all types of communication devices like laptops, mobile phones and even radios. Sometimes the copper lamination is done on one side while in other cases it is done on both sides. There is also a multiple layered PCB as well. The PCB market is a multibillion dollar market which is expected to increase to around $80 billion dollars in 2024. There are two major types of PCB in the market. Rigid PCB Flexible...
Benefits Of Using Laser Marking

What are the Benefits Of Using Laser Marking?

Laser marking is one of the latest and updated laser processes. It is the most famous way to provide attractive logos and it is the reason that its demand is increasing. The benefit of the process is very unique and valuable in industry. By using the process you can invent high quality and readable codes which are produced by laser markers. Times have changed and it is delivering lots of facilities.  This process also provides cost-effective and quality solution for labeling metal in manufacturing. The high quality of laser marking helps in engraving and labeling in a variety of materials such...

10 Questions about Conveyor Systems (Infographic)

Your company might be thinking of upgrading its existing manufacturing line with a state-of-the-art conveyor system. After all, a brand new conveyor system can speed up assembly processes and increase throughput and profit easily. In fact, it may even help you pull ahead of your competitors and stay at the forefront of your industry! However, you most likely have a few questions about conveyor systems in the back of your mind. Or you may simply be overwhelmed by the wide range of options you have when it comes to conveyor belts. Should you opt for a custom solution or a turnkey system,...

Induced Draft Cooling Tower – All you need to know

For machines in an industry to work, they will need a source of power such as electricity and coal among others. However, due to the heat produced, this could end up causing havoc to the machines if not dealt with. For this reason, it is wise to get a cooling tower to help you reduce or minimize the amount of heat that your machines have and avoid destroying them. With the many types of cooling towers in the market today, one may fail to know the most ideal type of tower to invest in. However, like any other commodity in the...
Uses of the Mini slip ring

Uses of Mini Slip Ring in Machines

Actually, it’s in human nature that he wants to succeed and compete. Everything which was impossible in the past but now happening is just because of this nature of the human that he wants to achieve something. If we go in history, there were no machines that could be operated electrically but then advancements happened and machines become automatic and electrical. Nowadays every single machine has an electric assembly installed in it, and every component or assembly has a specific operation to perform. Slip rings are used in various machines to perform a specific task. If we go deeper into the...
Lithium Batteries

Lithium Power Battery Gradually Comes into Robotics

Lithium batteries are an excellent option to face the problem of fluctuations in solar radiation and wind, which is the main challenge for solar and wind energy as reliable energy sources. Lithium Power Battery are used for storing electricity generated by renewable sources. Lithium Power Battery has become the preferred source of energy for most portable devices. From your laptop to your mobile phone, it is likely that there is a thin lithium battery inside providing the necessary power for your device to work. Lithium batteries are chosen for various reasons, but they are not without limitations. In this article, we...