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Discover Umi Phones. Latest Prices and Specs of Umi Phones. Find Shops where you can buy Umi Phones. Umi rebranded as Umidigi early 2017.

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Umidigi G

UmiDigi G Specs & Price

UmiDigi G is the most affordable smartphone from UmiDigi since it rebranded early this year. It is the second phone from the company behind the UmiDigi C Note to be loaded with Android 7.0 out of the box. Umidigi G features a 5-inch display with a premium design. Where to...
Umidigi Note C Featured

UmiDigi C Note Specs & Price

Umidigi C Note is another impressive smartphone from Umidigi. The new phone seems aimed at bringing the premium design of the Umi Plus to consumers at a more affordable price. Though Android 7.0 has been available OTA a number of UMi phones, the UMidigi C Note will be the...
Umidigi Z Pro Featured

UmiDigi Z Pro Specs & Price

Umidigi Z Pro offers a camera upgrade to the UMi Z. Instead of one 13 megapixels camera on the back like the Umi Z, the Umidigi Z Pro is offering two 13 megapixels rear cameras for amazing images. It is the companies first phone since the rebrand from Umi...
UMi Plus Android 7

UMi Plus gets Android 7.0 (Nougat) update

Umi Plus, the 2016 flagship from the Chinese manufacturer got an update to the latest flavour of Android (Nougat) this Morning. UMi had promised an Android 7.0 update for Christmas Eve, but today three days ahead of the date, I am happy to say I now have my review...
UMi Z featured

UMi Z Specs & Price – First Helio X27 Phone

UMi Z is a 2017 flagship smartphone from UMi. It is the first smartphone to be powered by the 10-core Helio X27 chipset, Mediatek's 2017 flagship chipset. UMi Z looks a lot like the UMi Plus from the front, but there are a few tweaks on the back and...
UMi Plus E (a.k.a. UMi Plus Extreme)

UMi Plus E Specs & Price – 4G Android Phone

UMi Plus E (a.k.a UMi Plus Extreme) is a more powerful variant of the UMi Plus. It offers the same design, but is built for better performance with a more powerful processor and 50% more RAM. UMi Plus E offers a generous 6GB RAM and runs on MediaTek Helio...
UMi Max Featured

UMi Max Specs & Price

UMi Max shares a lot in common with the UMi Super. It however offers half the storage and 25% less memory. UMi Max features the same 5.5-inch display and cameras as the Super with 16GB storage and 3GB RAM. Where to Buy UMi Max Gearbest – See Offers | AliExpress -...
UMi Super Featured

UMi Super Specs & Price

UMi Super is a smartphone from the same company that gave us the UMi Plus. Looking at the specs, the two devices shares almost the same features. There major difference is in the way they look. UMi Super features a 5.5-inch Display, a premium metal body, 4G LTE, 4GB...
Right Side of the UMi Plus showing the volume rocker and Power button

UMi Plus Review – Premium & Affordable 4G Phablet

It is not very often that you find a smartphone that strikes the right balance between performance, build quality, and affordability. UMi Plus is one smartphone that I can boldly say excels in all three fronts. Umi has learnt a lot from its earlier offerings like the Umi Max...

Umi Plus Specs & Price – 4G Phone

UMi Plus is one of those smartphones to consider if you are looking for the best bang for your money. The UMi Plus is quite impressive with its beautiful metal design, octa-core processor, 4GB RAM, 4000 mAh battery, and fingerprint sensor. However, the most impressive bit is that you...