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You can become a millionaire this Christmas season with just N50, that is the promise Zain is making to its loyal subscribers this Christmas through its Zain Naira Rain promo. Qualify for daily draws by using credit worth at least N50 in any given day. N1,000,000 will be won each day till the end of the Christmas promo. One lucky Zain Subscriber will win N10,000,000 at the end of the promo. The Zain Naira Rain promo ends on 7th January.

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Checkout Winners of Zain Naira Rain, you might be lucky.

The Zain Naira Rain gives you a chance of being rewarded for using your Zain line this Christmas. Whether it is an SMS, voice call, or other data service once you use up to N50 you are entered for the draw. For each N50 you use in a day you get an entry. For example if you use N150 on a particular day, you will have 3 entries in the draw. The more entries you have, the more your chances of winning.

Qualify to Win N1,000,000 daily for using a minimum of N50 daily, 368 winners will emerge in this category.

Qualify to Win N5,000,000 weekly for using a minimum of N400 within the week, 6 winners will emerge in this category

Qualify to Win N10,000,000 grand prize for using N2,500 within the promo period.

Zain Naira Rain promo ends on January 7th, so get your Zain line today and start using it. Send those Christmas greetings SMS to your loved ones and you may be smiling to the bank this Christmas.

For more information on Zain, visit Zain website at

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For more information on Zain, visit Zain website at

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