Refrigerator Maintenance Guide

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Refrigerators are usually long or medium term investments in the home and should be properly taken care of. In this page we will provide you with some simple tips on refrigerator maintenance. Emphasis is on preventive maintenance.

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The first rule in the maintenance of your refrigerator or any other gadget for that matter is to read the user manual. The user manual contains extensive information about the operations, features and best practices for your refrigerator. Follow all manufacturer recommendation on the use of your gadget.

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In the manual you will find instructions on placement, installation, cleaning and changing parts. Follow these instructions.

Here are some useful tips

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A reasonable gap (at least 9cm or 3.5inches) should be left between the fridge and the wall. This will allow heat exchange between the condenser and compressor and the surrounding air. These components of a fridge need cooling for proper operation.

Vacuum the compressor and condenser whenever dust settles on them. The condenser is the finlike (coil) assembly at the back of the fridge. The condenser is responsible for transferring the heat removed from inside the refrigerator to the surrounding air. You can use a brush if no vacuum cleaner is available.

If the condenser is covered with dust, the dust will act as insulation and reduce the refrigerator’s ability to cool. This will reduce the efficiency of the fridge and overwork it.

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If a fridge does not support frost free (automatic defrost) operation you have to manually defrost it whenever frost builds up. Frost accumulation on the evaporator coils block air circulation and interfere with normal refrigeration.

Do not mount a fridge near a window, this will expose it to the elements and lead to rust, damage or electric shock.

Do not mount a fridge near a heat source this will inhibit heat transfer from the fridge to the surrounding air and cause the refrigerator to work harder.

Do not open the fridge except when necessary. Opening and closing the refrigerator will affect cooling performance, overwork the fridge and increase your energy bill.

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Allow enough time for food to cool naturally before placing it inside the fridge.

Food or liquid placed in a fridge must be covered. This will prevent the evaporation that could make the fridge work harder.

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