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Refrigerator Installation & Placement Issues

Well you have finally bought a Refrigerator or you are seriously thinking about making a purchase. Here we have provided information to guide you in installing and placing your refrigerator.

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The best place for a family refrigerator is in the kitchen or in a common point in the house. Placement of a refrigerator in a bedroom can be frustrating for the occupant of the room. Only private compact refrigerators should be placed in a room.

Before mounting and installation of your new refrigerator make sure you read the manual to determine the power ratings. In fact this should be done in the dealer shop. You must buy a refrigerator that complies with national public power supply ratings. For example the voltage power rating in the US is 110V 60Hz while 230V 50Hz is applicable Nigeria, UK and most African countries.

In addition look out for the power consumption and the current rating. This will enable you determine if your existing wall sockets can handle the new fridge or you need a new one. Ensure that the socket can handle the current required to power your refrigerator. If this is not done the socket will be heating up and can lead to a fire outbreak.

You should also consider buying an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR/stabiliser) for your refrigerator. The installation of an AVR will stabilize voltage supply to your fridge. This is more important in countries like Nigeria where power supply is erratic.

If you live in Nigeria or a country in a similar energy crisis situation we recommend you buy an AVR with delay features. This will ensure that the power supply stabilises before the fridge is connected.

Look for an AVR with delay of up to three to six minutes. You may also look for an AVR that have variable delay control. When buying an AVR for your refrigerator, ensure that it has enough capacity to support it.

When mounting your refrigerator ensure that you leave a space of at least 9 cm (3.5 inches) from the wall. This placement will allow for proper air circulation and heat transfer and better cooling performance as a result.

You should not place a refrigerator near a window. This will expose it to direct light and heat from the sun. Installing a refrigerator near the window may also lead to water from the rain spilling on the refrigerator, which may lead to damage, rust or electric shock (or even electrocution).

You should also not place a refrigerator near heat sources like direct sun, or electric heating devices.

A refrigerator should not be placed on the bare floor. It should be placed on a mount. You can buy special refrigerator mounts from the same shop you bought the fridge. This may attract a special discount. You may also buy from any electronic shop.

There are fridges that come with wheels as part of the assembly. You should also consider buying such. They are easy to move for maintenance, repair or cleaning.

It is also important that after moving a refrigerator from one place to another that you do not turn it on immediately. Wait for 6 to 24 hours for the disturbed refrigerants to settle before turning on the refrigerator.

Turning on the refrigerator immediately after movement can lead to cooling issues or even damage.

Ensure that you read the user manual of your fridge. This will expose you to the features and functionalities of your refrigerator. It will help in preventive maintenance of the gadget. Follow meticulously all manufacturer recommendations.

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