Zain ME2U Share, Sell, and Transfer Credit

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Me2u is an innovative service from Zain mobile (formally Celtel) that enable subscribers to the mobile network to share, sell or transfer airtime from one Zain line to another.

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With me2u, Zain subscribers can transfer credit to family and friends anytime and anywhere. All the sender needs to do is to send an SMS to 432 with a Zain handset. Within 15 seconds (under normal circumstances), the sender and the beneficiary will receive text messages confirming transaction.

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Note that unlike MTN and Globacom that offers a similar service free of charge, Zain charges N10.00 for each successful transaction.

To share or transfer Zain airtime on the Zain network you need a personal identification number (PIN). The default PIN for transferring airtime on the Zain network is 1234. However, it is advisable to change this PIN as soon as possible. This is because if you do not, anyone can use your handset to transfer your credit to another Zain mobile phone without your consent.

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To change your default PIN text:
PIN [space] 1234 [space] [new PIN] to 432

For example if you want to change your default PIN to 7890, then SMS the following to 432:
PIN 1234 7890

If successful, you will receive an SMS that reads: Your new password is 7890 from Zain mobile. Make sure you delete the text immediately so that no other person will see it, but not before you have committed it to memory.

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At anytime you can decide to change your PIN. The format is the same thus:
PIN [space] [old PIN] [space] [new PIN] to 432

For example if you want to change PIN from 7890 to 0022, then SMS the following to 432 with your Zain phone:
PIN 7890 0022

Changing your PIN is free on Zain network.
Transferring or sharing airtime on Zain network is very easy simply send a text message in the following format to 432
2u [space] [recipient’s phone number] [space] [amount] [space]

For example to send, sell or transfer N100.00 credit to a Zain number like 0802xxxxxxx and your PIN/password is 0022, then SMS the following to 432:
2u 0802xxxxxxx 100 0022

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You will receive a confirmation from Zain mobile if transfer is successful. The recipient will receive an SMS informing him/her of the airtime transfer. Note that successful transfers cost 10 Naira only.

There is no limit to the amount of Zain airtime that can be transferred or the number of transactions per day. All you need to know though is that you will be charged 10 Naira per successful transaction.

If you wish to use this service to sell airtime you should also know that Zain me2u transactions are irreversible so before transferring credit make sure you have collected your money. This is also a good reason to keep your PIN secret. If you wish to sell Zain credit with this service, you should also know that Zain me2u cannot be used to transfer credit to a subscriber outside the Zain network.

Zain provides subscribers with a means of requesting credit transfer from other Zain subscribers. For example if you want to request Zain credit from a Zain subscriber with phone number 0802xxxxxxx dial the command *148*8*0802xxxxxxx#

Zain will then send an SMS to the owner of the number 0802xxxxxxx that reads as follows: Please Credit Me

Zain me2u can be used to share with or transfer Zain mobile credit to family members and friends. Zain me2u can also be used for the business of selling credit. The service has the advantage that you can buy or receive Zain credit at anytime (24/7).

Zain is a global telecommunication company. Information provided in this page applies to Zain Nigeria. For more information about Zain, visit their website at

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