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Our SEO site audit service takes a comprehensive look at your website focusing on how each factor that affects your search ranking is implemented on your website. An SEO site audit report is written and delivered to you. This report can serve as a blueprint for implementing SEO on your website or for developing an SEO strategy for your business.
In the SEO site audit service from naijatechguide, an SEO specialist will take a thorough look at your website and present an interesting and informative report on your website’s SEO status. The report will show you how well all known factors that affect SEO is implemented on your website and if necessary suggest how such factors can be improved upon to increase website traffic.

The SEO specialist will look at all sections of your website, so the report will cover all sections of your website, clearly showing sections that need more SEO optimization. The comprehensive SEO report is tailor made for your website and is a good guide for launching an SEO campaign on your website. It can also serve as a blueprint for developing an SEO strategy for your business.

A comprehensive SEO site audit is required by a website from time to time. It is like a medical checkup on your website and shows you the SEO health of your website and suggests SEO best practices for improving the SEO health from your website. Implementing the suggestions religiously should improve the SEO health of your website and result in increase in traffic.

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Of course, we not just drop the report and walk away, our SEO expert will be there to explain the report and provide clarification when needed. The SEO expert will integrate with your team: webmaster, marketers, PR people, sales people, writers, managers, etc providing guidance for implementing the SEO guidelines.

If you lack the technical ability or do not have an in-house webmaster or a small business lacking the different skill sets required to successfully implement SEO on a website, we may be able to help you implement the SEO recommendations (for additional fee), depending on practical considerations.

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Why do we think we can offer you SEO services?

At naijatechguide, we learnt the art and science of SEO through experimentation and practice. Using our knowledge over the years, we have been able to build naijatechguide to over 580,000 monthly page views (with less than 1,000 pages). naijatechguide is ranking well in relevant keywords with over 75% of visitors coming via search engines. Our forum the naijatechforum went from 80,000 to over 160,000 monthly page views in the last 6 months.

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Having learnt SEO the hard way through wide reading, practice and experimentation on our own sites we are now offering our services to you to help you increase your website traffic. Like we always say a website gives you presence on the internet, but it is actually search engine optimization, SEO, that gives you access to billions on the internet. So, call or email us today for all your SEO needs.

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