Home Internet SEO Service is essential for website redesigns

SEO Service is essential for website redesigns

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Are you planning to redesign your website? Have you spared some thought for Search Engine Optimisation, SEO. Website redesigns often result in changes in structure, content, and layout of your website. These changes can negatively impact on your search traffic, which is bad for business. Hence an SEO service should not be an afterthought during website redesigns but should even precede it.

SEO should precede the process of website redesign, but some website owners wait until after the redesign or if something goes wrong to bring in SEO services. Once the idea to redesign a website pops up, an SEO expert must be involved in the planning and implementation process for the redesign. These may be an in-house SEO staff or an SEO consultant. Involving an SEO will ensure that the newly designed website suffers minimal traffic loss as a result of the redesign.

An SEO Site Audit is essential

The first step is a comprehensive SEO site audit. During this audit, the SEO firm will probe your current website to see how search engine friendly it is. This will enable you see if a redesign is even necessary. Remember that the only sensible reason for redesigning a website is to increase conversion. An SEO site audit could also help you spot problems in your current website design, which can then be corrected in the new design.

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The SEO site audit report will serve as a reference point throughout the redesign process. The SEO site audit will reveal new market opportunities and underutilized keywords that your current design structure is not employing, so that these will be implemented in the new design. All these will ensure that the new design will be worth the time and money you are putting into it.

SEO will save you from losing traffic

One thing that an SEO company will do for you is to ensure that your website design benefits from any search engine goodwill that the older design had. It will also ensure that errors on the old design are not repeated in the new design. The two combined will ensure your website traffic remains relatively the same after the redesign and increases long after that.

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Waiting until after the redesign to implement SEO could be very expensive. In fact, in some cases bringing in an SEO late in the game can result to a complete redesign of the new design. Off course, while all these are happening you are losing traffic and reputation.
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