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How Bill C-30 could wreck your website by MikeDeWolfe, on Flickr

VPS vs. Dedicated Server Hosting: Which One Does Your Business Need?

As a business's web presence expands, it is often faced with an important choice regarding the issue of web hosting. Often this choice comes down to a virtual private server, or VPS, or a dedicated server hosting service. Each offers its own set of advantages and drawbacks, and one...

NIIT Nigeria IT Scholarship 2012 13th Edition

NIIT Nigeria has announced the commencement of the 13th edition of the annual NIIT Nigeria Scholarship program for IT training. Interested candidates can fill out an application online for the screening test that will qualify them for the NIIT scholarship. NIIT Nigeria IT Scholarship program offers you partial fee waivers...

Tech Skills Every New College Grad Needs in the Job Market

There's no way around it—the working world today is harsh. Recent college grads are going into one of the toughest job economies in recent history. With mounting college debt, too few open positions, and a general inability to sell their most marketable skills, many new graduates are feeling the...

Cheap Hotels – Find great Deals & Offers Online

Online Hotel booking and comparison sites are great for finding low cost and cheap hotels. Hotel comparison and travel sites enable you find cheap hotels online. They contain overview, great deals, and pricing information for hundreds of hotels all over the world. You will find hotel comparison sites where...

Find the Best Hotels Online – Vacation Travel & Business

Online, you can get a lot of information about hotels. There are lots of sites for booking hotels online offering information about hotels worldwide. One of the top information in the list of travellers and tourists is the price range for hotels, but information about the quality of services...
Book Cheap Hotels

Booking Hotels & Reservations Online

When you travel or plan traveling, where to stay at your destination (like hotels) is always top on your mind. In the past, you just have to travel blind and hope for the best at your destination. But, today with online booking, thanks to advancements in technology, you can...

What you should know about Vehicle Leasing

Vehicle leasing is growing in popularity and once the benefits have been explained then you too will want to join the car leasing revolution! Understanding Vehicle Leasing Put simply: you get to own a great new car for two or three years and when the lease is up you get to...

Is HTML5 The End Of Adobe Flash?

"New open standards created in the mobile era, such as HTML5, will win on mobile devices (and PCs too)." Steve Jobs open letter on why Apple chose not to support Flash on the company's mobile devices kicked off one of the biggest debates of the cloud computing era: Will...

Mobile Broadband Service Across The Globe – O2 Services Review

Considering global records and statistics, people can now see that numerous companies offer mobile broadband services that will suit their needs and areas. Naturally, some services are only available in a certain countries.Although their services may not be available to everyone, it’s also helpful to be familiarized with their...

5 Reasons Why Having a Powerful Transceiver is So Important

Networking transceiver technology can sometimes be weak. Increased power levels can usually help individual computers to get a better signal. On the other hand, power levels aren't everything. When working with radio frequency energy, it's important to understand the concept of effective radiated power. The amount of power applied to...