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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Proxies

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Technology has advanced rapidly and more people spend most of their time online either doing business or researching. In fact, today, more businesses has gone a notch higher to perform their day to day activities online. On the other hand, cybercriminals and hackers are also targeting people who spend their time online.

They are looking to spy business operations with the aim of stealing relevant information that can benefit them. Just recently a malware known as WannaCry infected about 250,000 computers worldwide where many businesses suffered as a result.

This is the reason why having proxies in place is a plus to businesses. Proxies will ensure you remain anonymous while you browse the internet this is very helpful since no hacker or cybercriminal can trace your online activities.

Proxies are also helpful for SEO or when you want to research about your competitors. Additionally, you can use proxies to watch Netflix abroad.

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However, regardless of what you want to use the proxies for, there are numerous mistakes that people make when buying proxies. These mistakes can hinder the ability to achieve the most out of your proxies. They are also costly and you need to avoid ensuring a smooth sailing when using them. You may also find out where to buy residential proxies.

1. Not buying the right Proxies

Here, you must understand that all proxies are not similar. This will help you not to buy the incorrect ones. Buying an incorrect proxy will make it difficult for you to get the most out of your proxies, in fact, they won’t work the way you want them to work. Below are the types of proxies. Read with me to know what type of proxy you can buy.

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Semi-Dedicated Proxies

These are called basic proxies. These proxies are shared with other users. That is why they are cheaper than the other proxies. They are mostly helpful when doing basic web surfing, however, they are not recommended for social networks.

If your aim is to remain anonymous while browsing the web or you just want to watch movies, these proxies can help you. If you need to get other more complex things from the internet, look at the other types of proxies below.

Dedicated Proxies

These proxies are not shared, when you buy them, you will be the only user of the proxy. If you want social networking, web surfing, streaming movies as well as SEO, these proxies are recommended for that. They are very helpful in numerous ways.

Rotating Proxies

If you find that the two types above aren’t going to serve your needs, you can opt for rotating proxies. These proxies allow accommodates numerous ports with one IP. The multiple ports will keep on alternating IPs for every 10 minutes to 2 hours. This type of proxies is recommended for users who do data scraping and other things that require numerous IP addresses.

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Sneaker Proxies

This is the last type of proxies that are placed after data centers, for high-speed connections. These proxies are recommended since they reduce latency.

2. Buy insufficient Proxies

If you have more projects to accomplish, you must ensure to buy sufficient proxies. A single proxy should not be used for multiple accounts as this will lead you to be disqualified.

3. Allocating the same Proxies to your friends

As seen above, there are different types of proxies that you can get in the market today. Some allow sharing and others don’t. If you decide to buy those that don’t allow sharing, you should not dare to share proxies with friends.

The reason why it is not recommended to share proxies is that a mistake made by your friend for instance if your friend does engage in unlawful activities online, your proxy will get disqualified. This will make it inaccessible, hence you will have to sit down and think of getting more proxies. This will be adding more costs to yourself.

Since proxies are not expensive, you better buy your proxy and let your friend purchase their own proxies.

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4. Buying proxies basing on the price

It is true that no one can reject a deal. Although every user wants to get the best price on the market, it is important to know that value is more important than price. This is especially when buying proxies. Consider the important factors that come with the proxies and ensure to buy the best proxies that will serve your needs well.

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