7 Awesome Ergonomic Gadgets for your Home and Office

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Gadgets are not just cool, some of them can be hugely beneficial for our health and productivity as well.

Here are 7 of our favourite ergonomic gadgets office workers and anyone that spends more time sitting than upright should seriously look into.

1. Deskcise Pro

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For maintaining health and fitness even while you work, the ultimate gadget goes to the Deskcise Pro. This desk bike lets you sit, stand or bike your way to getting your work done. With no less than 8 levels of magnetic resistance settings, you decide just on how strenuous you want your workout to be.

With its 4-caster wheels that swivel 360˚ and with gravity sensor wheel locks which lock the wheels into place, you can move this versatile desk from room to room. Suited for tall or short users with the pneumatic lever, you can move the seat up or down to suit you.

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Time to wave goodbye to your sedentary ‘working all day at a desk’ lifestyle and to get your blood pumping and circulating while you get your work done.

2. LifeSpan Underdesk Treadmill

The Lifespan Underdesk Treadmill gives you an aerobic workout while you’re working similarly to the biking desk featured above.

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The treadmill is an easy piece of equipment to use. All aspects of the workout can be controlled, such as speed, incline and energy-spend. The belt offers speeds of up to 4 miles an hour, while the desktop workspace measures 38 x 29’.’ There is a 350-pound weight limit.

For the times when you wish to sit, you can place a stool on the treadmill so that it transforms into a seated desk.

With this cool piece of equipment, you can be working while burning calories. Now that’s hitting two birds with one stone!

3. Herman Miller Aeron Classic

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The stylish ergonomic Herman Miller Classic Aeron is one heck of a chair, with its host of adjustable features and premium build quality.

The chair is made of a breathable material with heat soaking technology. The dipped soft front base is easy on the thighs and works to prevent blood clots forming due to sitting for too long.

The frame of the chair is robust and strong. In fact, the undercarriage base of the chair is heavier and sturdier than most other office chairs.

This Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair comes with Pivot Technology which is wonderfully relaxing, as it adapts to every part of your body. You can tilt this chair back to whichever position you’re comfy with. For its excellent workmanship, the robust chair comes with an excellent warranty of 12 years.

4. Philips GoLITE BLU Energy Therapy Light

This purpose built light allows people to reap the therapeutic and health benefits of the sun during winter time or indoors. The Philip Blu Light has a cool, modern look, which not only provides you with light but energizes you, helping you through your busy workday.

Scientific research tells us that the light blue coloured wavelength of sunlight is absorbed by receptors in the eye, which when are activated by the coloured light, starting a sequence of balancing events. Specifically, it helps towards balancing hormones and making us more alert, energized, happy and productive.

People working indoors for much of the day don’t receive enough of this blue light, which is why the Philip GoLITE can be so helpful. The light is lightweight and portable, so you can place it on your desk whenever you need a boost of energy. It comes with 3 intensity settings.

5. Evapolar (EvaLight) Light Air Conditioner

The Evapolar Light Air Conditioner gives you fresh, cool air circulating around your own personal workspace. Making use of simple water to cool the air, it filters out dust particles, making it far easier to breathe. Evapolar describes their gadget as ‘your personal micro-climate at your workplace’.

The Evapolar doesn’t only cool, but also humidifies and cleans the air. Small, lightweight and efficient, the small air conditioner is based on patented nanotechnology.

You simply add water to the 750ml water tank, connect the USB cable to a power outlet and enjoy the cooling effects once the cartridge absorbs the water. Speaking of a cartridge, this little air con comes with a cartridge, power cord and power adapter. It is totally eco-friendly too, consuming only 10W of electricity.

6. jTech V628 Vertical Mouse

The J-Tech Digital is one of the most ergonomic vertical mice for people battling with hand fatigue after using a regular mouse. The vertical design mouse minimizes any twists in your wrists and has two thumb buttons, which perform back and forward browser navigation functions with ease.

Yes, because of the new design, some people might find it difficult to use at first, though you become accustomed to it and the rewards are great. The ergonomic mouse comes with an ultra-sensitive optical sensor and the palm rest to minimise wrist pain.

7. The Kroma Wireless Charging Pad

Don’t you just long to get rid of unsightly cables and to switch to an effortless way to charge your much-needed phone? You can, with this wireless charging pad. Compatible with all wireless charging devices, as well as being lightweight at just 10.1 ounces, the Kroma measures 3 x 3.7 x 1.1”. It supports Qi-enabled devices. You simply attach the micro-USB cable to the pad and to a power outlet and you’re all set to go.

Compact and unobtrusive, there is also a LED indicator which tells you what the phone’s charging status is. Coming with a lifetime warranty, the rubber dots are diamond-shaped, ensuring the phone is securely positioned for a total charge.


Most of us are working longer and longer hours or have become accustomed to the sedentary lifestyle. Technology, when used properly, can help mitigate the negative effects that come with this modern lifestyle, such as these gadgets we’ve just looked at.

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