5 Best VPNs for Tor – Recommendations

Best VPNs for Tor
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VPN and Tor are tools that work with a combination of proxies and integrate encryption to ensure your online privacy is enhanced by shielding your identity. Consumer VPNs are great tools when it comes to bypassing censorship, watching Netflix and anonymizing users from being tracked by either their ISPs or anyone online.

What is Tor and a VPN?

Tor and VPNs have some common similarities when it comes to online privacy but the Tor browser is good for matters of anonymity while a VPN is great when it comes to ensuring user’s online privacy.

A VPN hides the real IP address of a user and assigns you with a new IP address thus making it difficult for spies and also ISP to monitor your online activities.

Tor, also known as the Onion Router is a private network that comprises numerous volunteer-operated servers.

Tor works by rerouting users through a set of virtual tunnels just like it is with a VPN but it relies on the frequent data tunneling which ensures that users are safe while browsing the internet.

The good thing about Tor is that it makes your browsing untraceable by bypassing the traffic surveillance that is usually available on normal web usage.

It is worth noting that a VPN is helpful especially when accessing the Deep Web and Darknet Marketers as there are risks associated with those dark web sites that can only be minimized by a VPN.

Recommended VPN Services for Tor

Today, many internet users are wondering how to find the best VPN for Tor and that’s why we have decided to make things simple to you by listing some of the suitable VPNs for Tor as below.

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1. NordVPN

NordVPN is based in Panama and comes with high comprehensible features. This VPN helps to reroute device’s traffic through a VPN through a Tor network.

Another comprehensible feature is the double data encryption which offers solid protection. The good thing about these features is that when the connection is interrupted, the kill switch disconnects all devices from accessing the safeguarded web.

The Nord Company offers a zero logs policy and a 256-bit AES encryption. You can pay for your VPN services using Bitcoin. Apps are available for every major hardware and operating system.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the most commonly used today and lately, launched a .onion version of its site for online users who want to create accounts in incognito mode.

The reason why this VPN is loved by many online users is that it offers a great level of performance and it’s also the fastest tool in the market. Another good thing about ExpressVPN is that offers its users split tunneling.

This VPN service provider also boasts a zero log policy and accepts bitcoin. The no-log policy helps users to create a completely anonymous account on ExpressVPN network that is untraceable.

This VPN offer supports Netflix spoofing. Although the ExpressVPN is sold at a higher price than the other VPNs, it works well and without any outstanding flaws.

3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is an easy to use VPN service with attractively priced plans. It was smoothly on Tor browser with fast connections to ensure browsing is not slowed down.

The VPN keeps no logs, giving you a high level of privacy. The service accepts Bitcoin.

4. TorVPN

If you value your identity especially while online then TorVPN is for you. This VPN will shield your online activities by hiding you from conventional traffic analysis.

TorVPN as a company operates numerous servers in US, Europe, and Hong Kong. The good thing about this VPN is that it offers unlimited speed on all its servers. It also ensures your data is shielded to prevent hackers from hacking or cracking it.

5. BolehVPN

BolehVPN is a popularly used in Asia and supports Tor over VPN on certain OpenVPN TCP servers. The reason why it is a popular VPN is Asia is because it’s headquartered in Malaysia.

Malaysia is a country that hasn’t enshrined laws that give permissions for data to be taken from private servers by third-party.

Although BolehVPN has servers situated in 11 states, it offers users with unlimited internet speeds while browsing. You can pay for this VPN service via MolPay, PayPal, and direct deposits.

Unlike the other types of VPN discussed above, this service doesn’t accept Bitcoin or any other type of crypto-currency. However, its compatibility with Tor is great and the encryption standard is good.

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When taking into account all features that come with the above VPN services, the ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Tor. However, the other VPN services are also incredible.

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