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6 Tips for Choosing the Best Online Video Converter

When you want to post fresh and quality content for your website visitors, you might want to use videos. This is where you will require an online video converter. There are numerous other reasons that could make users find it necessary to convert video files to another file format. Maybe...
How to Promote eCommerce Website

How to Promote eCommerce Website

One of the most profitable moves you can make in this environment that is highly competitive is to create an ecommerce website. However, like most of the already existing ecommerce websites, you may have a big issue with how to effectively market your site. There is no way you will...
How Can Wearable Technology Improve Our Health And Daily Activities?

How Can Wearable Technology Improve Our Health And Daily Activities?

The wearable technology industry has taken the healthcare industry by storm, within just a couple of years after its emergence. It has revolutionized the healthcare by assisting doctors in getting real-time access to electronic records of patients. The advantages of wearable technology are not limited to the doctors alone. Any...

Ripple Price Goes Up: What Are the Reasons?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the crypto world or new to crypto investment, Ripple is one of the leading altcoins available. Unlike Bitcoin, instead of using the Blockchain platform, Ripple uses its own intuitive payment system that relies on peers to verify the transactions. It is...
Digital marketing courses

5 Best Online Platforms to Learn Digital Marketing at your own Pace

You know, I can bet good money that at one point or the other, there must have been a time when you have heard the phrase “Digital Marketing” and wondered what it is, or wondered where you can learn and become a “Digital Marketer”. Well, becoming a digital marketer these...
How to create custom drag and drop WordPress pages

How to Create Custom Drag and Drop WordPress Pages

Everyone wants the simplest possible way of developing and customising a WordPress site. Trying drag and drop WordPress page builder plugin can be the best recommendation for such people as it gives them the opportunity of customising the site features without writing any code. If you are a beginner and...
HTC U12 Plus

HTC U12 Plus Specs and Price

Following the acquisition of HTC by Google, the smartphone making company just recently released its flagship for the year, the HTC U12 Plus. A feature packed device that deviates from the notched display most of the flagships are seen having. The smartphone is way more improvement compared to the...
Why should SMBs deploy Software Defined Backup Solutions

Why should SMBs deploy Software Defined Backup Solutions

You might be thinking, shouldn’t the question be: Why should SMBs (Small to Medium-sized Businesses) deploy backup solutions at all? Well, we’re going with the assumption that you’ve already accepted that backup solutions; whether cloud based backups or on-premises backup appliances, are very important for SMBs. If you’re still dubious...
Rose Sparklers - Order Flowers Online

Useful Tips for Ordering Flowers through Online Florists

This month florists across the world have sent out thousands of bouquets filled with roses and carnation and orchids and lilies for honoring a special day for their Mums’... Mother’s day. It has slowly overtaken Valentine’s Day in terms of volumes of flowers in newer markets around the world. Yet,...
Tecno Pouvoir 2

Tecno Pouvoir 2 Specs and Price

The budget king now has a sleek offering in the budget smartphone category at the moment with decent features to go with. The Tecno Pouvoir 2 (a.k.a. Tecno LA7) is an affordable smartphone that comes with some of the perks of high-end smartphones like reduced bezels, Face ID, 4G connectivity...

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