3 Useful Features of iThemes Exchange Plugin for WordPress, as an Online Store

Exchange eCommerce Plugin for WordPress by iThemes
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iThemes has been fairly prolific in the world of plugin and theme developers. They have introduced plugins of great value and significance and made life easy for content managers and website developers in innumerable ways. iThemes finally stepped into the world of ecommerce with Exchange. It lets you sell physical and digital products via your WordPress site just by installing a plugin. Just like anything new brought about by iThemes, Exchange has been the talk of the town in the ecommerce world.

One of the things that sets Exchange really apart from its counterparts and makes it unique in itself is iThemes’ attempt to make things simple in the complex and, often confusing, ecommerce sector via this new plugin. Ecommerce is a realm of complexity with multiple payment gateways and management of physical and digital products simultaneously. So far, iThemes has been able to take up and fulfill this challenge quite impressively. The Magento Development Outsourcing team can personally vouch for that and their amazing product, Exchange.

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With Exchange, you are not immediately bombarded with a lot of features to choose from and learn your way through. However, you can still use the add-ons to expand your features set as per the requirements of your project.

To learn more about Exchange and get a hands-on experience with the plugin, you can hire a magento developer or read on! Below we have tried to brief the three most exciting features of Exchange to get you interested and started with the amazing iThemes plugin.

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1. Purchase and Payment

Making Payment for Purchase
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Exchange has a really compelling feature, the ‘Buy Now’ option. From a selling point of view, this has great application in retail world. If you are selling a single product, you can pick the ‘Buy Now’ option and allow your consumers to cut through the traditional route of adding the item to the cart, checking out, and then being able to purchase the item. The ‘Buy Now’ feature lets the consumer complete the transaction on one page, saving time, energy, and the chances of the customer abandoning cart without making any purchases.

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As of yet, there are not many payment options provided by Exchange but that is part of iTheme’s plan to keep the plugin relatively uncomplicated and simple. PayPal is supported out of the box and Stripe works through the free add-on. However, as more users adopt the plugin, iThemes may have to introduce new features, such as invoicing, and new payment procedures to facilitate their growing clientele.

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2. Themes

Exchange offers six ready-made themes from iThemes. These themes are ready to be used purchased via Exchange. They are beautifully designed featuring contemporary, clean, and flat designs. They do not strike out exactly as themes for an ecommerce website. They seem more fitting for blogging and content sites. However, they are still being used for ecommerce platforms.

3. Support

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Exchange has an extensive and pragmatic support system around it to help first-time users. The support material on the website guides users through the setup of account and provides assistance in exploring and trying the advanced features. There are numerous tutorial videos available that help you get to grips with the relatively new platform. Along with them, there is ample amount of online documentation for Exchange and an active and effective user support forum. The user support forum lets users raise questions and issues and connects them with members of the customer service.

On top of that, users can avail ticketed support for one month upon the purchase of the Pro pack while the Dev Suite license contains free support for a year.

These are just three of the many features offered by Exchange. Exchange is being embraced widely throughout the market because of its clean, fresh outlook and easy workability with websites. We hope you try it out for yourself and find this information to be true.

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