7 Phone Accessories You All Should Own

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Almost all of us own a phone today. Once considered a luxury, mobile phones have now become a necessity as they do not only help people keep in touch but can also allow them to get whatever they need.

Your phone is a magic device that can be used to watch movies, check latest happenings around the world, buy and sell products and even do business.

However, when you buy a phone, all that you get is a phone with a few accessories, such as a charger and an earphone. There is a lot more that you can buy separately to improve your overall experience of using the phone.

Without much ado, let’s have a look at seven accessories all phone lovers must buy:

1. An Extra Charger

Phones come with just one charger which typically dies within a few months if no proper care is taken. This is why you should always keep an extra charger on you so that you never run out of chargers.

2. A Power Bank

A power bank is basically a portable device that lets you charge your phone whenever you want to. There are a number of companies producing power banks, you should pick on that offers a good backup and that can charge a number of devices, including phones, tablets and even laptops.

3. A Memory Card

A memory card is a need if you are in the habit of clicking too many pictures and saving too many videos. Since phones come with limited space, you can use a memory card to increase it. However, sadly, those with an iPhone do not have such luxury as iPhones do not allow external memory cards.

4. A Memory Card Reader

When you get a memory card, you should also get a memory card reader to easily transfer data from your card to your computers. This way the data will remain safe and secure. Plus, you will anyway have to empty the memory card once it reached the limit.

5. A Screen Protector

Apply a screen protector on the screens of your phones to make sure they do not get scratched. Sadly, scratches are pretty common. It can get stretched even if you put it in your pocket and the best solution is a screen protector.

There are many types of screen protector, some can even offer extra protection, guarding the screen even if the falls. Make sure to pick one that offers the maximum security and also does not affect the view as some screen protectors can really mess with the screen.

6. A Phone Cover

You can get a back cover, a front cover or a complete phone cover for your phone to make sure it stays protected. A phone cover does for the phone what a screen protector does for the screen.

It protects the phone against scratches and other such damages. Plus, the variety of back covers is huge. You can even get a personalized phone cover to let everyone know of your taste.

Just check online to see a huge variety of phone covers as they are extremely popular, especially among girls who like to try different designs and styles of phone covers.

 7. Wireless Headphones

If you do not to get tangled in the web of wires then get your hands on a wireless headphone.

Most phones cover with simple earphones that do not only produce low quality sound but can also cause ear infections. This is why you should use high quality headphones, especially if you are in the habit of listening to music or watching videos with the earphone on.


There you go. These are seven accessories that you must own if you have a cell phone. You can even do more with your phone as they can be used to read cards as well with the help of magnetic cards found on Lintechtt website.

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